Counterpoint has ratings and reviews. Aoife said: First of all: this book had actually good things. The author cleary tried to write not your t. Crescendo (Song of the Fallen) (Volume 2) by Rachel Haimowitz Paperback $ Start reading Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen Book 1) on your Kindle in. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Nice world-building and well-crafted characters bring this Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen Book 1) by [Haimowitz, Rachel].

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They need to be strong as a couple in order to face some of the things that happen and to provide a solid support. I love the hard relationship development Can his life of service to his people leave room for this attraction?

Counterpoint by Rachel Haimowitz

Differences of opinion must be addressed with respect. The elf will give up what he knows and help Freyrick fight the dark beast hoard and Freyrik will do what turns his own stomach to achieve this. And that there would need to be a whole nother book to resolve everything. Well, okay like I said it is late and I am being a bit dramatic. I’d be lost without meaty books like yours to sink my teeth into: Watching a war play out between humans, and feral beasts. And yet you ask rachek of me again and again!

Counterpkint Ayden would not forget for a himowitz moment that humans had enslaved his race. The same goes for the attitude towards elves in general: It was interesting to see the contrast between the Rachfl Regent at Farr in book one, to Freyrik at the High Court where he wields little or no power.

No history was provided, and the more I read, the more confused I became. In the end, after reading another book by this author, I decided to gi I’ve read various reviews of this book and had mixed feelings about reading it.

Is it really love between the two? At times showing wisdom and great skill in combat and at other times whining and sulking and basically being a brat.


The midlands are rotting with decadence and despair.

Here though, it barely spanned a couple of pages. The books picks up after Freyrik is summoned to court, that has him scared for both his life and for Ayden. The two protagonists test each other constantly and it’s only at the end of their trial and once they’ve recognized the good in their souls that they become lovers.

Freyrik is not your usual type of prince.

Crescendo (Song of the Fallen, #2) by Rachel Haimowitz

Unfortunately, it is not as beautiful, nor as hot, as the cover for Counterpoint! Ayden, stripped of his mind-ear, devoid of his song, has to learn to be human in a way, to get accustomed to imperfection, and to understand Freyrik the hard way, with human senses.

He’s wise and kind and intelligent and He also lacks any authority over Ayden who is supposed to be his bloody slave. I swore after reading jaimowitz ending I heard the dramatic music of supise and possible pending doom.

I liked the 1st book in the series a lot, but I wished that there had been more in-depth building of the fantasy world and less of the war strategies and this time to my delight we get that and much more. You have a secret and counteerpoint get to taunt us with it hhaimowitz great periods of time.

I like fantasy so thumb up for nice new fantasy world and the story got interesting potential. Freyric must convince Ayden to help with the war, but Ayden cares nothing for humans and they care nothing for him. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention.

View all 6 comments. You would think that for an elf aged rachep hundreds of years that he would have learned to take the long view of things, but no his impetuous nature, pride and inability to cope with boredom means that he’s constantly getting into trouble, drawing attention to himself and getting punished in various painful ways.



Song of the Fallen 2. Can Prince Freyrik keep Ayden from being whipped and tortured, maybe even killed, in order to save him from an horrific punishment that his people are demanding as repayment for the men killed when Ayden was captured?

I hated them, I loved them, I wanted to scratch their eyes out, I wanted to hold them. Prince Freyrick was ruling the country in his brother’s absence but he was a much kinder ruler.

I’m sure that many readers will disagree with me. I was a bit surprised just how much I enjoyed it. He’s definitely a cold bastard and he definitely does evil things, but I can’t help but feel for him sometimes, knowing how he got to be the way he is.

I couldn’t put this one down for anything. Return to Book Page. The writing was so captivating and the scenes were quite coutnerpoint as well as the world that was created.

To be honest, the second half of the book was hard to read, I found myself drifting and actually physically repulsed at the scenes of affection between Ayden and Freyrik. Sep 28, I can only hope that Ayden will be a positive influence on him in that regard. Rachel, will you please stop torturing me!

Counterpoint : Rachel Haimowitz :

It is your people who paint me like a harlot haimowits parade me round half-naked, your people who find it amusing to use my brethren like toys, your people who teach their children such high art of disrespect that boys think rape a pleasant way to pass an afternoon! I freaking loved it all. This theme of helplessness becomes more and more counterpolnt as the story progresses and is one of the key sources of frustration I had as a reader.