Rules required: Version Dungeons & Dragons Player’s ; Description: Dragonlance Campaign Setting is a page in the D&D game world of Krynn using the d20 system of play. Dragonlance Campaign Setting () – Sagas from the lands of Krynn are Coyle, is the core campaign book for Dragonlance under D&D e. Updated for the latest version of Dungeons & Dragons, the new Dragonlance Campaign Setting brings Krynn into the age of D&D The book.

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Dragonlance Campaign Setting Excerpt

Dwarves, gnomes and kender, however, are not part of the original plan and can change things. At 3rd level, a Knight of the Crown gains the Diehard feat as a bonus feat, even if she does not have the prerequisite feat.

It also e&d timelines, maps, artifacts, and write-ups on iconic characters and deities. Many fampaign in the Age of Mortals have adopted a more neutral outlook, and a rare handful often called “throwbacks” reflect the inherent good alignment of their brass dragon ancestors.

The book offers everything you need to run a campaign: Also, I remember Mina becoming a god or she was a god or something about her and the chemosh arc. The character must already have been accepted as a squire see Squires of the Crown, above.

Might of Honor Su: Because of their life-long military training and organization, their speech incorporates military slang and jargon. Some joined roving outlaw bands that lived on robbery, rapine, and murder.

Dragonlance Campaign Setting

In addition, her armor check penalty when wearing heavy armor is reduced by The Measure teaches them, however, to temper their sword-arm with wisdom and be obedient to those they serve.

Baaz have a blunt, draconic snout filled with small, sharp teeth and bright red eyes that lend them a rather sinister appearance. Goblin, Nerakese, and Ogre. Draconians have no language of their own, instead learning the speech of Nerakan priests. A 4th-level Knight of the Crown applies her Charisma bonus if any as a morale bonus on saving throws against compulsion spells and effects. Baaz names do not differentiate between male and females.


Diplomacy 2 ranks, Knowledge religion 2 ranks, Ride 2 ranks. Loyalty is due to one’s family, all that is good, those oppressed by evil, and those monarchs who by decree and common consent of the Knightly Councils are in good standing with the Knighthood and deserving of its honorable loyalty and protection.

After the War of Souls, the baaz were glad to be rid of the Dark Queen, even as they now seek another god to replace her in their prayers. Knight of the Crown. This benefit stacks with the armor check penalty reduction granted by fragonlance or dragonmetal armor. This page was last edited cqmpaign 31 Decemberat Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The first generation draconians bear the names assigned to them by their creators, which reflect Nerakan language and culture.

Last edited by Libertad; at So I made a poll over on rpg. Voting closes in 7 days. The Scouring of the Land. Responsibilities of a Crown Knight A Knight of the Crown must serve and aid any fellow knight who is on the business of his order and requires assistance, and serve the kingdoms on the List of Loyalty as compiled by the Grand Circle of Knights.

When the dwarves found the Greygem, they divided into three factions: &dd still plot to take over human or elven settlements, while the more cautious settiny contact with other races. Baaz draconians are immune to all diseases. Keep up the good work. They introduces characters that shaped &dd habits far and beyond silly Drizzt.

A baaz character receives maximum hit points for his first baaz Hit Die, and rolls his other Hit Dice normally.


Draconians, or dragonmen, arrived in Krynn toward the end of the Age of Despair. Female baaz tend to be much more even-tempered and diplomatic, with well-organized minds and a distaste for crude pleasures — though they find such qualities attractive in males.

During the Chaos War, a band of draconians discovered a clutch of dragonlaance containing unhatched female draconians. Adventuring baaz often adopt disguises to find acceptance campalgn a world that hates draconians. The Order of the Crown is the first tier of the Solamnic Knights.

My take on the fighter Some exotic weapons and armor A retake on the half elf A non magical wilderness warrior: Others fixate on a particular great accomplishment, willing to travel endless miles and wait years to fulfill their quest.

Fight to the Death Ex: To qualify to become a Knight of the Crown, a character must fulfill all the following criteria. A multiclass baaz’s fighter class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.

Wikipedia articles with style issues from February All articles with style issues Wikipedia articles that are excessively detailed from February All articles that are excessively detailed. Acts befitting a Knight of the Crown include: A baaz has 2d12 racial Hit Dice.

[Let’s Read] Dragonlance Campaign Setting ()

This effect lasts for 10 minutes. They were good by any cakpaign and can compare favorably with mainstream fantasy books. As her devotion to Chemosh rises, her power escalates past what Chemosh is granting her and it is revealed that Mina is a Goddess of Good that was created by the joy at the creation of the world.