The task at hand this time was to follow up one of the most successful d20 releases of all time,. Traps & Treachery. In some ways it was easy, the formula for . Traps & Treachery Fantasy Flight Games is no stranger to the hobby game industry. paper, similar to the pages at the beginning of the D&D 3e PHB and DMG. traps & treachery ii – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. D20 DnD Unofficial the Quintessential Rogue II. Uploaded.

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In addition to the content of the book, 7 pages are consumed by a preview of FFG’s upcoming Mythic Races book, and 4 pages are consumed by ads. In addition, an index is provided.

A section on new clerical domains, such as Thievery, and new divine and arcane spells, such as true filch and perfect crime. This section also lists new poisons, including supernatural ones. I especially like the magic traps, as they at least have some inherent explanation for their quirkiness. A break-down of treschery factors: Many poisons and poison making rules.

Traps & Treachery

The next section 6 pages deals with poisons; it begins with an introduction and overview. The title of the book is what you get. A section on trap design and classification that organizes and streamlines the process of designing new traps and integrating them into your adventures. Magic users are typically show offs, sadists, or just nuts.


Traps and Treachery II

The meat of the chapter is a simple menu driven system for creating the details of a trap, defining the details of the trap, its CR and construction time and cost. The presentation overall is good, the “cool idea” factor is moderately high but for just the traps and poison sectionsand the book does fill much of its niche. Why couldn’t they have given me some more crunchy bits, like how the size of guilds varies with city size, how many guilds are viable in a given population center, what is the range of income a given sized guild can expect, what are the levels of the guild’s members, The large amount of ads and promotional material 10 pages seemed excessive to me.

Hey, the advertisement said so, didn’t it? Conclusions This should make a decent addition to the library of a DM of a campaign that prominently feature either urban elements or trap filled labyrinths, and players who frequently play rogue PCs should consider it as well.

Traps and Treachery

Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. Ten more traps to inflict on the PCs. Trap Design 14 pages begins with a discussion of traps as challenges, security systems or dungeon special effects. The section is brief but should be useful for players of rogue PCs. The new NPC class Thug and the new skills do come across as a little lame, but some of the new feats compensate for this deficit.

Where are the playtesters! Good stuff, though they don’t entice me to purchase the book they’re previewing. Nothing really exciting, but they seem balanced and could easily find use in the hands of a magic using rogue. New equipment 1 page includes: Enchanted and supernatural poisons is also rather interesting concept that I have not thought of for myself. Please edit this page and add it.


The traps section was very interesting. They largely do not presuppose too advanced spell casting for their setup although there are exceptions and are thus very tdeachery for those types of dungeons that are part of a temple or wizards abode. I found very few rules related entries that I wouldn’t use.

Traps and Treachery II – D&D Wiki

I loved the diagrams, and I’m still trying to figure out how to use those in a game teachery a “post-trap”, “de-briefing” hand-out. Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Am I happy I did? Wexford, Ireland Posts In fact, I cannot imagine in hindsight how this was missed.

I find the cover quite inviting, and the interior art really impressed me. What would I be missing? But the most important, in my opinion, is anf ask yourself the question: Their initial entries were a number of mini adventures targeted at the D20 System fantasy i.