The sense of family is central in this drama, and I think it was well depicted. If you wanted to kill both in the end wirtter, why not shocking everyone making him shot her? It’s one of these what-the-hell moments when you regain consciousness of reality you’re cut out from the world of fiction, because the scene is just ridiculous. Brilliant cinematography, Rain’s performance is memorable,and the drama was very dark! December 5, at 8: He was very good. My only consolation was Kim Sung Soo, such a beautiful guy! But it has a very special place in my heart:

Comment Name Email Website. Also, the transitions are occasionally choppy and disruptive. This was one of the first Kdramas that I watched that I thought the ending sucked. My favorite drama just you is also a tdrama and the quality is almost kdrama levels. Newer Post Older Post Home. Da-jung is nearby, and hears those words.

It’s not everyday we see a kiss that seems real or passionate or whatever you wanna call it, in korean drama. They had something special going on, but he let her go because of Da-jung. Episode 6 by Helcat.

I’m so glad you decided to recap it. His acting is kind of hit and miss depending on the project.

I was not love for Shin Mina was pure eye candy. I thought it was utterly horrifying as well!

TerriKR March 12, at 9: But yeah I hated this drama, I don’t know why I put myself through all those torturous hours to finish this, only to be rewarded with a horrible ending.


I guess we’re changing during time passes. Oh, my, I think this was my first drama, and I watched it at my old pc with a terrible network connection. Very complex but I can relate to this ” I can enumerate all the points against this drama while still having that one all-encompassing embarrassing fact remain: The parents are just lovely, I loved them too.

Nostalgia not nostalgic My bad. I think this is the first time I actually liked have a second generation romance running alongside the kids.

What’s more, I discover a beautiful Kim Sarang.

I agree with everyone else, that the post-vomit kiss was positively wretched, but the night kiss on the beach gave me tingles. I think tdramas tend to be a little lower quality but this drama definitely suffers from being ten! This is a man determined to get what he wants, but what he wants at this point is not love.

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The person standing in front of her was the troublemaker of the school, infamously known for his devilish ways — Jiang Meng Mike He. This was an awful drama But after your recap maybe I’ll give it another chance if only for the fun of the drinking game. December 5, at 9: Odessa Jones May 19, at 6: This drama really upset me because of the ending.

I dvil the last episode and I was like: Da-jung is nearby, and hears those words.


Not even I could sit for 16 hours again for it. That’s like saying all Americans are arrogant, and all Britons are pansies. Oh well, minor issues: I don’t remember the lizard besixe, thankfully it seems. I loved loved loved Just You. We get a montage of shirtless Bok-gu taking out his frustrations at on a punching bag.

I couldn’t finish this drama Oh I love que sera sera, its a drama that is still good watching it years later. Even his brother gave his blessing.

Are Taiwan dramas always behind K-dramas in production values, or is this because it was made in ? I could hardly believe it! The story, the characters were bfside weak, but its more the time in my life the drama represents that I hold fondly not the drama story itself.

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Hunger has besjde known to drive a man to do strange things. As despicable as he is sometimes, when he looks sad, I just had to forgive him! Miica March 12, at 8: I can’t even tell u what’s good about it. Mama J March 13, at 5: September 14, at 5: