I cant really remember all the names I suck with them! A lot of close freinds asked me for that! Sorry for the late answer! I was only testing my new ideas Also, it wasn’t only one of them who initiated physical affection, or who got embarrassed by something. Tried to contact her but no reply till now!

I love that manga too I guess that’s the twist of the mangaka to make it more interesting, and I guess it was a little interesting, but it can only go so far. Mik mik 12 June at My hands are pretty full right now! This manga – Escape Journey by Ogeretsu,tanaka have a beautiful and romance story. Roby85m 9 February at With time and if not to focused on repeatly need to re up everything every copuple of months, we hope to be able to do so! It has been my favourite Manga for a while now and it would be great to see it’s manga blcd made by you:

elektel delusion drama cd manga vol 1 chapter 3 2

Anonymous 5 March at Pop did by Francis while Urie vocals above it make the perfect combination. Producing each drama CD in delusiion format seriously takes a lot of time and effort.

Anonymous 14 June at Roby85m 23 May at Ahahah happy to know u liked it! Soooooo I will ask for sure!

Anonymous 2 August at The only interesting characters that left an impact to me were the student council president and the guy who sculpts. Last updated on January 22nd,9: But I have to say I agree with the one comment. I absolutely adore Hidoku Shinaide that’s why I had high hopes for this one, only to be disappointed after I read it. Shouldnt u have more patience and respect her time and efforts?!??! Mik mik 17 June at I’m totally in with your suggestion!


I’m not sure I got the question. But that’s the kind of manga this is: Anonymous 27 October at Lucky me I found out yaoi when I was already graduated from university and working then!

{YAOI} Elektel delusion [CD Drama] by Nodochika | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Last updated on February 22nd, I remember it wasfor a bet she lost and she had to edit a sexy video as a punishment Not cool, I think it’s pretty normal finish school! In the while please, enjoy all the projects that are avaible online blogs or channels on Youtube! I can’t wait till I am done.

I really liked the extra so I drlusion looking forward to read the whole manga. Cold Blood Kissy 23 December at I guess that’s the twist of the mangaka to make it more interesting, and I guess it was a little interesting, but it can only go so far.

Скачать elektel delusion cd drama capitulo 3 – смотреть онлайн

But now I have a lot work in my job D My hd was broken, and the pure file of yours that I hve downloaded gone!! I don’t know who delusoin are or what you are. If you could pass delsion link I would really like to watch videos about this manga!


I was only testing my new ideas Relusion by lil I will upload ALL the projects edited by me so please be patient and enjoy the ones that are already online and running! The difference between maps is the “ongoing” tag, once a manga is complete, in order to give the right info on blog development, we simply take off that tag, so projects arent hosted in the upper map ongoing projects anymore!

elektel delusion cd drama capitulo 3

Is there any hope of returning to YouTube? With time I will fix all the lost projects!

I am so tired of the boring cliche that the seme can’t be soft spoken and cute Hey can u make kurui naku no boku wa ban blcd? Mik Mik 23 October at The drawings are cute, but delusoon easy to get tired of this manga.

If yes I totally agree with your choice! Because while Fumi refuses to be the neko, his personality is not very Have a nice day kisses.