That’s just common sense right? Well Jin Hee must enjoy being with Chief Gook because she’s smiling. She’s always doting all over Dr. And her husband doesn’t really listen to her. Anyone know the name of the anime Yong gyu was watching when looking at ah reum? A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

The old woman responds with complete and utter shock; she had had no idea that she was suffering from cancer. Come to think of it, I remember seeing in one of the previews, a flash back of Chang Min teasing Jin Hee as she was passing a towel to him when he’s in the shower, but don’t remember seeing it in the next episode. Jin-hee asks whether she can call her son, but the grandma insists again that her son is busy. That’s what he signed up for. I think the ‘moral’ of the story is that “love” doesn’t work out for our two protagonists the first time. Refusing it, he slides it right back. Without a word, the man opens the box and shows Jin-hee a tiny white dress. Finally she breaks down and cries.

Emergency Couple: Episode 18 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Always acting on his own feelings and disregarding others, especially Jin Hee. Cast emsrgency Emergency Couple. This is not just for dramas but also movies.

Emmy March 11, at 5: Renee March 30, at 5: When he stole the chief’s jacket, for instance, then decided to give it back to him so as not to be immature. Seriously I think his personality out weighs his looks. She seems so spineless when she’s with cpuple.


I feel he has done plenty to impress the girl. As for the Chief, JH first caught his attention because of her mistakes but also of her earnestness as an intern and saw her as a mentee.


Romance in the ER Team. Timing that short doesn’t do him justice: I almost wished we would have gotten better parts of the past earlier on in the show – I think I would have also liked to see more situations in the hospital itself where the couples learned through their differences I mean, I know it since ep 4 or 5? Just saying whats in my mind.

Episode 14

I hated lee hong ki in your beautiful. ShinRaeMi07 March 10, at 3: Basically just her dramafiee whom left her all alone and treat her like garbage in the past.

How episoxe more heft and heartbreak would I feel if the show actually drew in the details for us in rich tapestry, so that I could see the progression from the giddiness of new love to bitterness and rmergency Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. I’ll agree, I love Ji-hye. Most unintentionally funny shower scene in a K-drama, ever? Chun-soo has someone looking after him, though, because Ji-hye sets out dinner for him.

From my view until now, Chief is always episoe who responsible and sensible toward others. Mike July 31, at You see, Chang-Min started with two strikes against him from the previous marriage and having a terrible mother. Preferably something that involves taking emerency away to a remote location! I guess it was kind of hard for me to see that transition from them hating each other to love. I totally understand where Jin Hee’s coming from, she had it bad. Jin-hee asks him the same question that Ji-hye posed emrgency the bar: Thus made her heart race.

It’s not great p, but just right. I don’t like dramxfire way JinHee becomes like a doting servant when she is with the chief. After they separate, Chang Min returns to his medical education and Jin Hee also puts herself through medical school. But being fair about that doesn’t lead to the conclusion that Jin Hee ought to open up to him, or to take the risk of love with him again, or that Chang Min is her one true love. Can the couple survive their three-month rotation in close proximity to one another?


Gook was written to be in that scene, because that makes him understand Jin-Hee better than Chang-Min, knowing her struggles and how it is so important for her emdrgency finish her internship. The execution of the story is just egh. I was rewatching some of the earlier episodes over the weekend, and I noted something interesting. I personally think that if they don’t do anything to help their relationship, they’ll divorce again later of course the drama would never show that Please enter your username or email address.

Ah-Reum said she was okay with Chang-Min being divorced. I am just not that enthusiastic about them getting back together. Would have to disagree with you that divorce” isn’t all-bad”.

I know I am just nitpicking here but even if the rom-com emergenct in the foreground I’d like the medical cases be close to correctly shown! Let’s all not let our personal tastes in romance rewrite the characters. I admire how chang min stood up and decide to love Her again.