The EMS R T is a large chamber, rotary-pumped coating system ideally suited for sputtering a single large diameter specimen up to 8″/ mm (e.g. a wafer). The EMST S Plus is a high resolution sputter coater for oxidizing and non- oxidizing The EMS T Plus product line is a compact turbomolecular- pumped. EMS T Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater. The EMST is a compact turbomolecular- pumped coating system suitable for SEM,. TEM and many.

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For carbon supplies, see: Launched in the early s and discontinued circathe E was the first commercially successful SEM sputter coater.

Carbon Coaters, Sputter Coaters and Turbo Coaters

Pioneering annular head sputter coater developed by Polaron. The first SEM coater with a ‘cool’ magnetic deflection head.

Replaced by SC circa FTM-controlled version of the E For replacement targets see: For replacement sputtering targets see: The first automatic sputter coater from Polaron. Targets available from Quorum. Available with carbon fibre or carbon rod heads.


Quorum Technologies

For carbon supplies see: An early Polaron sputter coater. Shown with E high-vacuum base. Targets available from Quorum please confirm if 57 mm disc or 82 mm annular style. For sputtering target details see: Designed for TEM carbon coating applications.

The KX Semi-automatic Carbon Coater was rurbo semi-automatic version of the KX with manual control of the shutter operation, and also fitted with a static specimen stage. Designed for sputtering non-oxidising metals – gold Au fitted as standard. The KXD was a compact, dual head turbomolecular-pumped sputter coater optimised to deposit fine metal coatings for SEM, FEG-SEM and thin film applications – allowing sequential sputtering of two metals without the need to break vacuum.

The KX was furbo digitally-controlled, large chamber sputter coater, ideally suited for SEM and other metal coating applications.

Fitted with three individual sputtering heads and a rotating specimen stag, it was rotary-pumped and suitable for non-oxidising metals.

The KXD version also had two independently controlled sputtering heads. A small chamber version of the E Uses 57 mm diameter disc targets – still available from Quorum.


Targets are available from Quorum. Discontinued circa and replaced by SC For sputtering targets please contact Quorum. For target details see: Toggle navigation Quorum Technologies. Sputter Coaters and Carbon Coaters Sputter coaters and carbon coaters. E aputter Sputter Coater. E Automatic Sputter Coater. E High Resolution Sputter Coater. QT Plus – Turbomolecular pumped coater. QT D Plus – dual target sequential sputtering for specimens up emx mm diameter.

SC ‘Mini’ Sputter Coater. SC ‘Cool’ Sputter Coater.