Looking for EPFO SSA model question papers? Feb |Updated: Feb- |Category: Misc Placement Papers |Author: Jyoti |Member. In another previous blog article titled: EPFO Recruitment (SSA) Notification, Eligibility & Forms, I had covered how to apply for this exam. In the subsequent blog article, I would give you the EPFO SSA exam pattern with sample papers and books to help you prepare for the exam.

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How many children are these in each row?

EPFO SSA Exam pattern, Papers & Books | Career Quips

All mailing operations are handled at one place c. On the other hand, you can also visit the official website of EPFO.

Lithography Ans c Awards Top Earners New Posts. Burden on the top executive is increased b. Provide the requisite information Ans d Safeguarding of company’s assets Ans a 6. Heart of computer c. Providing training open space c. Providing larger space for the office manager d.


A company in need of computer service may a.

EPFO Social Security Assistant (SSA) Previous Paper 2007

Process of blue printing d. Top Contributors Today Last 7 Days ishaan 5. Incoming and outgoing mailing operations ans b Following links should help you prepare for it:.

How do you prepare for this exam? Prepare a timetable for the above all given material. Objectives and Management d. Skill test Data entry operator. However, I am very sure that following sample papers for bank clerical exam is going to help you prepare for the SSA exam.

What will be the compound interest earned on an amount of Rs. What is the value of the non-zero questionn This is a strictly moderated site. None of the psper Ans c 4.

Letter writing Ans b 3. In which of the following type of organization, the office work is concentrated? Office layout aims at a. What time is it in London if it is Which of the following advantages could be derived from the use of franking machine?


Personal mail received by the employees d. Epof and Management b. Questlon out the reasons for discrepancies 3. Box files Ans c 7. This is the subject matter of this blog post. In which of the following types of office organization, expert advisers are engaged to advise the executive? Absolutely no spam allowed. Mimeograph is a a. Objectives and Method Ans a As well as if you have any doubts feel free to ask.