Satie, Erik Sports et Divertissements 1. Choral inappetissant sheet music for Piano – Download Sports et divertissements by Erik Satie for free from

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Thus, spofts from Whiting, “While the relation of Satie’s music to his own texts is quite close, the relation of music to drawing is more elusive. Satie mirthfully defined the result as a new sport, “Russian tennis”, which he predicted would become “all the rage. In a Neapolitan manner.

At turns droll and amusing, serious and sardonic, this tiny Gesamtkunstwerk affords us as meaningful a glimpse of the composer’s subconscious dreamworld as we are ever likely to get. The very rare first set, copies 1 to 10, included both Martin’s original illustrations and his pochoir prints, his engraved Table of Contents and individual title pages, and cameos decorating erjk latter.

As Bengal lights sattie other fireworks streak across the evening sky, “An old man goes crazy” among the spectators. The Music of Eric Satie. Share on facebook twitter tumblr. Gillmor observed that “In several of the pieces Satie indulges in a kind of Augenmusik wherein the musical score is an obvious graphic representation of the activity being depicted.

Sports et divertissements (Sports and diversions), pieces (21) for piano

He used the chorale form – that “symbol of Protestant piety and music pedagogy” [28] much employed by Bach – in several compositions to thumb his nose eirk the academic, the stupid and conformist. The set consists of a prefatory chorale and 20 musical vignettes depicting various sports and leisure activities. Jazz Latin New Age. A stern ostinato in the lower reaches of the piano summons up a wind-blown sea as it tosses about members of a yachting party.

Piano Music by Erik Satie.

Satie – Sports et Divertissements 1. Choral inappetissant sheet music for Piano

Sexy Trippy All Moods. An octopus in its underwater cave teases a crab before swallowing it sideways. Eatie more should be read into it. Although he was offered a lesser amount than Stravinsky, Satie claimed it was excessive and against his moral principles to accept; only when the fee was substantially reduced did he agree to the project. As for the hunter, he uses his rifle to shoot nuts out of the trees. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: A decade after its conception, Sqtie et divertissements was finally published in late in an edition of numbered portfolio copies, on handmade paper.


See Bryars, “Satie and the British”, pp. For critics and musicologists alike, Sports et divertissements is generally regarded as one of Satie ‘s best and most important works, for it represents, finally, the amalgamation of most of the stylistic idioms th composer had been developing in the years preceding saatie work.

In this boisterous aubade members of a wedding party arrive to rouse the newlywed bride from her marriage bed. I dedicate this Chorale to those who do not like me. The latter three were provided by Satie in divertissementw exquisite handwritten scores, which were printed in divertisxements. Peter Fletcher Plays Erik Satie. It was republished by Salabert in Gillmor wrote that ” Sports et divertissements is sui generisthe one work in which the variegated strands of Satie’s artistic experience are unselfconsciously woven into a single fragile tapestry of sight and sound — a precarious union of Satie the musician, the poet, and the calligrapher Scaramouchea cowardly braggart from Commedia dell’artetries to wax eloquent on the joys of military life.

Originally published in by Denis Dobson Ltd. The drawing part is represented by strokes — strokes of wit; the musical part is depicted by dots — black dots. He remained interested in the project, however, and as Maynial made no effort to produce the album Vogel repurchased the rights under his sportd company Les Editions Lucien Vogel et du Bon Ton in March He offered no opinion of Debussy’s score. Each piece in this set is very short, none more than four lines long, and each is accompanied diveftissements a small poem, and by Satie ‘s irreverent verbal commentary.

The music, while depicting the back-and-forth of the players, is strangely dark and ambiguous; and the implied eroticism that pervaded xatie choreography of Jeux is trivialized in Satie’s text, in which the spectator-narrator mixes prosaic sensual observations “What good-looking legs he has When the work was first published, it appeared with in Satie ‘s own hand, the music written in his idiomatic, calligraphic style, with red and black ink.

The complex early publication history of Sports sporst divertissements was elucidated by Ornella Volta in the s. The landscape is satle cold and doesn’t know what to do with itself.


L’Oeuvre pour piano, Vols. A pleasant outing – to which “Everyone has brought swtie cold veal” – gets rained out by a storm. This gives the octopus severe indigestion.

InDover Publications issued Satie’s facsimiles together with black-and-white reproductions of Martin’s illustrations as a trade paperback, and this is probably the best known English edition.

The idea for Sports et divertissements was initiated by Lucien Vogelpublisher of the influential Paris fashion magazine La Gazette du Bon Ton and later founder of the famous pictorial weekly Vu. Old English colonels especially excel at it. Gazette staffer Valentine Hugo then recommended Satie, with whom she had recently become friends. Initial response to Sports divertissementw divertissements was muted due to the exclusive nature of its original publication. These bibliophile volumes were not for sale but were reserved for the Librairie Maynial.

Sports et divertissements – Wikipedia

A man leads a woman divertisxements the surf, cautioning her, “Don’t sit at the bottom. The ‘work’ is the composite of or contrapuntal interplay between verbal preface, musical preamble, drawings, illustrative piano pieces which seldom spoorts completely with the illustrationsstories, performance instructions, calligraphy, and titles some of them divertissemenfs variants Facsimiles of Satie’s scores in black and red ink appeared in all, but Martin’s artwork was presented in three different print runs.

In half-notes, bass octaves. Transcriptions pour basson et piano. Following an expectant musical pause the ride itself is evoked with dizzying plunging scales. Extramusical commentary was becoming increasingly prominent in his keyboard works of the period, and in Sports he indulged this by writing a surrealistic prose poem stie each theme; he then meticulously calligraphed these into his India ink scores, in black ink for the notes and words and red ink for the staves.

Satie’s first-person narrative is one of his most whimsical literary creations, an absurdist nature-setting in which rabbits sing, nightingales hide in burrows, and owls breast-feed their young.