Informativo sobre Estilosantes Campo Grande. Informativo sobre Estilosantes Campo Grande. No automatic alt text available. 8 Likes2 Shares. English (US). Campo Grande in response to coating with zinc and boron. Potencial fisiológico de sementes de estilosantes cv. Campo Grande revestidas com zinco e boro.

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Therefore, the use of techniques aimed at improving this management emerges as viable alternatives to ensure the sustainability of the pastures cultivated by combining productivity, quality and persistence of forage production Teles et al.

In addition, it has an important role in biological nitrogen fixation, because it protects the nitrogenase enzyme of damage caused by toxicity of reactive O 2 species such as Grade 2 and H 2 O 2 Malavolta, From camo foregoing it was possible to observe that the covering of seeds of cv.

In this way, one can infer that the covering of seeds fampo cv. On the other hand, the largest percentages of dead seeds DS were observed for treatment 1 seeds not coveredwhich differed from treatment 4 Table 1. Fertilizers used as source of micronutrients are characterized by being salts and the presence of these interfering with the covering the surrounding water potential of the seed by reducing the potential gradient between the seed surface and coating, which ends up restricting the water absorption and, therefore, reducing seed germination.

However, the estilosante were made of twinning and emergence of seedlings for characterization of the physiological quality of the lot, which provided the following values: In the end, the percentage of seedling emergence E was determined, these being considered from its emergence in the substrate, the speed index ESIsecond formula adapted from Maguireand the mean emergence time METEdmond and Drapala, In addition, some authors have reported a negative effect of Zn on RDW and total dry weight of sorghum and maize plants when used zinc sulphate as a source of micronutrient in the light of hrande doses Yagi et al.

This is an open-access article grabde under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Proceedings of the American Society for Horticultural Sciencev. Seedling emergence test – was performed in a camo, with four replications of 50 seeds for each treatment, where the seeds were sown in plastic trays, with a capacity of 2.

May 19, ; Accepted: Journal of Seed Sciencev. The evaluations were carried out according to Brasil Treatment 2, constituted only of coating with calcium silicate, showed the best results for the ESI and the addition of micronutrients to recoat it hasn’t hurt the mean emergence time METwhere all treatments with micronutrients were equal to or better than the control.


Micronutrient application through seed treatments – a review. The information contained in the packaging of the seed lot were Subsequently, the aerial part was separated from the root and both were placed in paper bags and heavy in eztilosantes of precision for determination of fresh weight granre the shoot SFW and root RFW in mg per plant.

Introduction In Brazil, the most practical and economical way of livestock support are the pastures.

Leguminosa Estilosantes Campo grande

This process has an anaerobic character due to sensitivity to oxygen of the enzyme nitrogenase, responsible for the same. Therefore, once the micronutrients are required in small quantities by plants, and from the results, it is necessary to estioosantes out new tests to assess smaller doses, in order that we can recommend an appropriate dose for veneering of stylosanthes seeds cv.

Conclusions The covering of seeds of stylosanthes cv. The treatments involving the covering of seeds, regardless of the addition of Zn and B, exerted negative impact on the first count of germination FGC. Effects of boron on nodule development and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soybean plants. These results may be related to a better photosynthetic efficiency of plants from treatments with lower leaf area treatments 2, 3 and 6which may have been able to intercept the light energy and CO 2to dry weight production, better than plants with greater FA 4 Tavares et al.

Results and Discussion The treatments influenced the physiological quality of seeds of cv. Among the micronutrients, boron and zinc are worth highlighting, since they are the ones that most often cause disabilities in crops in soils of the Tropics Faquin, How to cite this article. Among the tasks assigned to boron, some can be highlighted, such as participation in the formation of the cell wall and plasma membrane Malavolta,in the division and cell elongation in the transport of auxins and the nitrogenous base uracil synthesis, RNA component, affecting thus the synthesis of nucleic acid and protein Faquin, The objective of this study was to evaluate the physiological potential of stylosanthes seeds cv.

For the variable length of the shoot SL there was a positive effect of the addition of micronutrients coating Table 3. The best results for root fresh weight RFW and root dry weight RDW were observed for plants from the treatment 2, however, the treatments 3 and 4 with different combinations of Zn and B did not differ to RFW and treatment 3 did not differ from the 2 as the RDW Table 3.


A methodology for materials deposition in esgilosantes was performed according to Xavier et al. The seeds were sown in two sheets of germination paper moistened with distilled water on volume of 2.

Leguminosa Estilosantes Campo grande | Agromax Sementes | Flickr

Fontes de zinco aplicado em sementes de sorgo cv. Micronutrients favor the development of plants, after its establishment. Micronutrients favored plants development, after its establishment. Therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the physiological potential of cv.

Bonamigo Estilosantes Campo Grande

Similarly, Arjmand et al. The effect of coating with zinc and boron was also noticed in the germination speed index Estiloxantes. The doses of micronutrients were based on recommendation of Malavoltafor forage Fabaceae. These results corroborate with those found for plants of oats covered with Zn at a dose of 3. In relation to leaf area LAagain the treatment 4 T g of boric acid and 90 g of camop sulphate kg -1 of seed is shown higher than the control treatment 1however treatments 2, 3 and 6 did not differ from the T4 Table 3.

Micronutrients in adequate levels provide increased productivity and quality of crops. According to the authors, these results are probably the antagonistic effect of these micronutrients. The authors evaluated two estilsoantes, one of which was composed only for Zn and the other by mixing this with Grahde and Mo, and there have been no difference between the same.

Crop Sciencev. Growth analysis in seedlings rice in relation of the seed treatment with mineral nutrients.

The effects of temperature, sand and soil, and acetone on germination of okra seed. This effect may be the result of excess Zn added to the concentration already fstilosantes on the seeds of this micronutrient, causing inhibition of root elongation Yagi et al.

In this work, a combination of shots with maximum effect on SL and RL variables was observed and then decrease with the use of a combination of higher doses of micronutrients.