Depron Dave’s. F Eagle. F. Suggested CG point. Thanks for downloading this plane. It’s all 3mm depron with a carbon spar for the wing. Refer to the pics. Thanks to the Team for all the useful information:) I build an F15 from Steve Shumates plans. After that ill do your F22 preferably. But the F F15 Depron PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Electric Ducted Fan Jet Talk. It seems there’s a shift there. Levi puts out excellent quality kits that will save you a lot of time relative to scratch building!

Plans Here are the plans for the F Park Jet. Mar 11, Page 1 of 1. It has excellent handling characteristics and looks remarkably realistic in the air. GrantmanFeb 7, Servos Metal Gear 12g I would suggest you to start with a bit of simulator training or if you have some friends who can fly, you might take them with you on the first few flights.


Quest for Ultimate Parkjet: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I bet thisone also will draw attention on may flying fields around the world!!

F-15 6mm Depron Foam Jet

These allow the entire fuselage to become a large lifting surface, which contributes greatly to the excellent slow speed performance of this model. Here are the plans for the F Park Jet. The only rule is if you build one from these plans, you gotta post a picture of the finished model here so we can all admire it!

Able to comfortably fly in small fields, due to the light wing loading, high power loading, and excellent handling characteristics.

You must log in or deoron up to reply here. Pusher Prop Jet Models. The black wire is the receiver antenna and the foil-covered wires are the battery extensions. This model has similar dimensions and weights as the F Park Jet and uses the same power setups and radio installation.

Hi Chris, Nett Nicely done build! Saturday jet movie F Eagle fullscale.

Depron Dave’s F Eagle plans – RC Groups

May 27, Images View all Images in thread Views: Should be more than enough. Here are a few more pics. Originally Posted by Photon Steve, Thank you very much for the plans. The canopy is removable via Velcro strips to allow easy access to the battery compartment.


Brushless motors will provide even better performance, but are not necessary for good performance.

F Eagle Park Jet – RC Groups

Remember Me Forgot Password? And what do you recommend for an ESC? Pinecone Will fly for food. After that ill do your Dperon preferably.

As u can see it isnt finished yet The best part of this control system is that it allows the use of flaps to not only improve takeoff and landing performance, but also improve maneuverability when mixed with the elevator to provide maneuvering flaps.

Another Obsession, Another Stunning Project. Here are some more pics of the prototype. Thanks a bunch Steve. Hope my english wasnt too bad. These pictures also show the large flow-through inlets on this model.