Gray tries channeling Silver’s magic against him as previously done against Doriath, but it also has no effect. The Raijin Tribe attempt to defend Yajima from Tempester’s storm-based powers before Laxus arrives to battle the demon. Fairy tail episode english dub? The group eventually finds Frosch trying to return to the Saber Tooth guildhall alone, and decide to follow in secret, averting various hazards to Frosch along the way. Before they can react, Elfman detonates Seilah’s bomb, destroying their guildhall. The city mayor holds Laxus responsible for the phenomenon due to fighting a street gang prior to the Grand Magic Games. Natsu Dragneel Lucy Heartfilia Happy.

After Atlas Flame’s disappearance, Fairy Tail celebrates their mission’s success while Flare is welcomed back by the giants of Sun Village. Lucy learns from her spirit Crux that the Zodiac spirits have laid waste to the celestial world, and that the Celestial Spirit King has disappeared. Natsu battles Leo to interrupt him while Wendy, Happy, and Carla try in vain to retrieve the ritual globe. Gray refuses to kill Silver, however, reasoning that he is not Deliora as he claims to be. The beast uses its powers to transform the wizards into constellations, leaving only Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, and Gajeel standing. They soon exhaust their ideas and press onward, unknowingly watched by a single-eyed flower. Elfman then returns, but unknown to anyone else, he is possessed by Seilah and has brought an explosive lacrima to destroy the guild.

Meanwhile, Mard Geer reveals that the true purpose of the Etherious demons created by Zeref is to kill their creator, and that they aim epksode eradicate magic in Earth-land to lift the seal on E. As the demons of Tartaros revel in Fairy Tail’s destruction, they see Happy, Carla, and Lily flying towards Cube with Cana’s kissxnime card deck, which has their guildmates sealed safely inside. Gray refuses to kill Silver, however, reasoning that he is not Deliora as he claims to be.

The wizards then encounter Arcadios and Yukino Agria, who profess their plan dpisode kill Zeref and Acnologia. The two fight, creating a hole in Tartaros’s headquarters that allows the rest of Fairy Tail to enter.

Meanwhile, the Magic Council initiates a member exchange program between the guilds that participated in the Grand Magic Games; Natsu volunteers as one of the exchange members, interested in asking about Kemo-Kemo’s origins across Fiore. Jackal self-destructs in a final effort to kill the wizards, but Happy carries him above the city before he explodes, barely escaping the blast himself. However, Kemo-Kemo merges with the island as it sinks into the ocean, leaving a seed behind that Natsu plants in front of his house in memory of Kemo-Kemo.

As the rest of Fairy Tail invades Tartaros’s base, Mirajane reunites with Lisanna and is confronted by Seilah, who wants to exact revenge tial her failure to destroy the guild. Cobra tells him that the dark guild is composed entirely of demons from the books of Zeref, with E.


Memento Mori ” Japanese: Haitoku to Zainin ” Japanese: Heruzu Koa ” Japanese: Crocus is evacuated while Hisui’s father, King Kisssanime E. When Hisui tells Darton that Sting’s surrender is the outcome foretold to her, she initiates Eclipse 2, the Eclipse Cannon. After Laxus kssanime the lacrima, he and the Raijin Tribe fairh that the mayor has deliberately set up Laxus to extort Fairy Tail. She prepares to kill Rogue, who remains disheartened by his future self’s actions until Sting arrives and reinvigorates him.

Back in the present, Natsu’s team finds Arcadios seriously injured within the Palace of Hades. Ultear loses her resolve and determines she no longer has the right to live for attempting to kill an innocent person.

Meanwhile, Natsu’s team infiltrates the palace and rescues the celestial wizards, but Hisui E. Acnologia gains a second wind and resumes his fight with Igneel, leaving Natsu and Gray to argue over whether to destroy E.

Approaching Hisui at Eclipse, Lucy tells the princess that the Eclipse Cannon has no such function, having been telepathically informed of this by her spirit Crux. Laxus inhales most of the particles to keep his friends from being contaminated, but he is unable to save the town, which is quarantined.

Natsu intervenes between Igneel and Acnologia’s battle, confused and angry over Igneel’s unexplained return. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lucy returns home to learn from Erza, Wendy, and Carla that Natsu and Gray have not returned from a job, only to later find the two bickering as usual.

Gray recognizes Silver as his father, who is supposedly dead, and denies his identity. Orashion Seisu ” Japanese: As Lucy looks for a way to release her friends from Pluto’s Grim, she is pursued by the members of Tartaros, including the Demon Gates Torafuzar and a resurrected Jackal. After Doranbalt erases the guild’s memories of Lumen Histoire, Makarov unveils an invisible Fairy Tail emblem on Doranbalt’s shoulder, revealing him to be a guild member who erased his own memories to infiltrate the Magic Council.

The city mayor holds Laxus responsible for the phenomenon due to fighting a street gang prior to the Grand Magic Games.

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After warning her friends, Future Lucy tells her friends that she used Eclipse to arrive in the present on the fourth day of the games, and she cannot stop the dragon attack. Juvia ksisanime to do so, however, realizing that she would be separating Gray from his father forever. However, they collapse in exhaustion upon realizing that without the ice, they now have to start the mission over again.


After Laxus and Raijin Tribe are brought to the guildhall to recover, Natsu furiously declares war on Tartaros to avenge their friends. Akuma Tensei ” Japanese: As Natsu searches for the Eclipse spirits inside the Celestial Spirit Beast, his friends outside manage to weaken the beast with their attacks.

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They soon exhaust their ideas and press onward, unknowingly watched by a single-eyed flower. Natsu suddenly hears Igneel’s voice saying the time has come for him to stop Acnologia, and watches in awe as the missing fire dragon emerges from his body and battles Acnologia, revealed to have been inside him all along.

However, Gajeel uses the carbon-rich water to furbish his iron body into steel, which cuts through Torafuzar’s defenses and defeats him. Lucy, Wendy, Happy, and Carla reach Tartaros’s control room to discover that Face has been set to detonate within 41 minutes. Horologium appears and provides the wizards celestial clothing, allowing them to enter the celestial spirit world and confront the king, kissaniem appears as a giant, amorphous monster called the Celestial Spirit Beast.

Arcadios notices a discrepancy episoe her statements and the counsel Hisui received on the Eclipse 2 Plan, which the princess describes as a weapon that fires the gate’s accumulated magic energy on the dragons. At Mercurius, Lucy reunites with her friends near Eclipse and, using her future self’s notebook, she reveals that they can return Future Rogue and the dragons to their respective time periods by destroying Eclipse.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? As news of the Magic Council’s episod spreads to Fairy Tail, Doranbalt, one of the attack’s few survivors, goes to the council dungeon to extract information on Tartaros from Cobra. Natsu recovers in time to save Lucy, having learned to eat Jackal’s explosions without being damaged by them, and faces Jackal again. Researching a book brought by Yukino, Levy discovers that the spirits aim to perform a ritual called Liberam that will grant them complete freedom from their owners.

Kiswanime Zero Zero Fiary ” Japanese: Natsu loses to Asuka in epiaode sharpshooting contest and is forced to fulfill her wishes for the day. Lucy deciphers the glyphs in the ruins and discovers Kemo-Kemo to be a guardian deity afiry protects those on the island from the virus.