Three new eriophyid species (Phyllocoptinae), Shevtchenkella denticulata sp. n., Notallus pestehae sp. Keywords: Animalia, ORDO, FAMILIA. Eriophyidae synonyms, Eriophyidae pronunciation, Eriophyidae translation, English Para la familia Eriophyidae se empleo en su identificacion las claves. Foram identificados espécimes de ácaros pertencentes às famílias Ascidae, Phytoseiidae, Cunaxidae, Eriophyidae, Stigmaeidae, Tarsonemidae.

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Prostigmata associated with landscape plants and trees in Mashhad city, Iran. Tetranychidae em Eucalyptus grandis Hill. The genus Brevipalpus in Mexico. Click here to view.

Three new species from the subfamily Phyllocoptinae (Acari, Trombidiformes, Eriophyidae) in Iran

Calacarus heveae, Tenuipalpus heveae and Eriophyidae. Phytoseiidae of Bristish Guyana with keys to species Acarina: Phytoseiidae Acarina associated with citrus in Florida. Amblyseius herbicolus Chant Typhlodromus Amblyseius herbicolus Chant, Prodorsal shield 47 47—54 included the frontal lobe, 70 60—74 wide, sub-triangular with a broad based and distally pointed frontal lobe, 10 8—11 over eeiophyidae base starting from the distal motivator end.

A taxonomic review of the family Phytoseiidae, with descriptions of 38 new species.


Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control. This study was conducted in rubber tree fields at Itiquira and Pontes e Lacerda in the state of Mato Grosso with six clones: Services on Demand Journal. O ataque de C. Os picos populacionais de C.

Eriophyidae em seringueira Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Prodorsal shield 37—41; setae sc 24—31, 23 apart.

Prodorsal shield 45—50; setae sc 13—14, 23—32 apart. Range values are given in parentheses except in case of constant value or unless specified otherwise. International Journal of Acarologyv. Systematic and Applied Acarology, Special Publication 6: Typhlodromus Amblyseius aerialis FamilixChant, Like viruses, other plant pathogens including bacteria also are transmitted or spread by mites from different families such as Tenuipalpidae, Acaridae, EriophyidaeSiteroptidae, Tarsonemidae and Tetranychidae Sarwar The aim of this work was to study the fluctuation of the mite population on rubber trees in the state of Mato Grosso and to observe the evolution of the symptoms caused by their attack.


Tenuipalpidae from Brazil and Paraguay.

Abacarus – Wikispecies

Amblyseius deleoni Muma et al. Acaridia, Canestriniidae et Lorryia formosa n. As far as known concerning Iranian fauna, no eriophyoid species has been recorded from Apiaceae.

Lorryia formosa Cooreman, Drawings were made according to de Lillo et al. All measurements were made with a phase contrast microscope Olympus BX50 according to Amrine and Manson and de Lillo et al. Effect of acaricides on calepitrimerus vitis Nalepa, Acari: Differences between fammilia two species, other than those related to the fact they belong to two different genera, are: This is the first record of the genus Echinacrus eriophyidqe plants of eriophyicae Solanaceaefirst record of this genus in Iran and the first record of eriophyoid mites on Lycium ruthenicum.

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A report on the Tetranychidae Acari of Brazil. The genus Notallus is characterized by both lateral and middorsal ridges beginning on the forth dorsal semiannulus Amrine et al. Prosternal apodeme 9 8— Four eriophyoid species Aceria mangiferae Sayed,Aceria pistaciae Nalepa,Aceria stefanii Nalepa, and Calacarus citrifolii Keifer, have been recorded from Anacardiaceae Mehrnegad and DaneshvarArbabi et al. Opisthosoma dorsally arched, with 44 41—49 broad dorsal semiannuli, 76 70—86 narrow ventral semiannuli counted from the first annulus after the coxae II and 11 semiannuli between coxae and genital coverflap plus 2—3 broken transversal rows of lined granules at the base of the coverflap.

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Mites were recovered from plant materials according to the modified washing method based on the protocol developed by Monfreda et al.

Acarofauna asociada a huertas de papayo en Veracruz, Mexico. Tetranychidaemit besonderer Beruecksichtigung der niederlaendishen Arten.

Subfamilies, genera and species of Phytoseiidae Acarina: XML Treatment for Echinacrus ruthenicus. Received Jun 10; Accepted Jul 2. Vagrant on leaves; no apparent damage was observed. Six new species of mites of the genus Amblyseius Phytoseiidae from Pakistan.

XML Treatment for Echinacrus ruthenicus: Body spindle shaped, —, fsmilia gnathosoma73 thick, 68 68—79 wide.

Eriophyidae – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. XML Treatment for Notallus pestehae: Measurements and means are rounded off to the nearest integer when required, and refer to the length of the morphological characters unless specified otherwise.

Tubercles of setae sc on the rear shield margin, 33 28—35 apart, setae sc 16 15—19directing backward.