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Qadiriah is an ascetic order of sufi tariqa path futioh God. Following the words of the Prophet Sm’Poverty is my pride’, the faqirs darwishesin an effort to follow the most painful exercises of exaggerated devotion, abstained from all worldly enjoyment. This is why many also call the order fakiri. Followers of Qadiriah tariqa perform zikr ie, pious recital in loud voice.

Abdul Qader Gilani R was a reformer. During the time of his advent, the Abbaside Empire was crumbling, Christians had occupied Jerusalem, and secret killings had become a widespread phenomenon. Hazrat Gilani R taught in a madrasah and regularly preached lessons and sermons.


He wrote and compiled many books and noted among them were Fath-al-Rabbani, Qasida, and Futuh-ul-Ghaib. Hazrat Gilani R always placed shariat above all things.

Futooh-ul-Ghaib by Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jailani (R.A) ~ Free Download Books

He never neglected namaz or any other rituals of faith in the ecstasy of meditation. Even before breathing his last, while he was on the sick bed, he performed his ablutions and finished his prayers.

The day of his death, 11th Rabius-Sani, known as Fatiha-i-Yazdaham, is observed with religious fervour by many in Bangladesh. Hazrat Gilani R first spread the tariqa in Baghdad. His ftooh settled first in Midnapur and then in Kolkata. There are many followers of Qadiriah tariqa in Bangladesh.

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