there’s another Groovy refcard at Not as detailed but covers the basics and no. This Refcard was written using Workflow version Installing the Workflow Now save your workflow, ensuring the Use Groovy Sandbox option is checked. for Microservices with Hazelcast refcard – gAmUssA/microservices-refcard. · fixing compilation problems with groovy example, 2 years ago.

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Maps can be accessed in a conventional square-bracket syntax or as if the key was a property of the map. Creates a build script in the. Pipeline is designed to easily use Docker images and containers.

Scripts differ from classes in that they have a Binding that serves as a container for undeclared references that are not allowed in classes. The Griffon build is built on the Gant framework, a Groovy extension to Ant. Installing the plugin downloads the package from the public repository and installs it. Just as the first example, these variables will be available either globally or per-stage depending on where the environment directive is located in the Jenkinsfile.

Groovy in Action contains a thorough treatment of SwingBuilder, and the Oracle online documentation for Swing is excellent. Range boundaries can be of any type that defines previousnext and implements Comparable. Implement the iterator method that returns an Iterator object to give your own Groovy class meaningful iterable behavior with the above methods.

MVC is a pattern you apply to components or bundles of components. Refactoring, Java-aware find usages, code completion, and many code intentions are supported. The application is little more than a Hello World app at this point, but you can run it.


Griffon hides the platform differences from you so any Griffon app you write can be deployed in any of these forms.

The Clover and Cobertura plugins make code coverage statistics available, FindBugs and CodeNarc provide static code analysis, and JDepend and GMetrics offer structural and dependency analysis.

Another common use for environment variables is to set or override “dummy” credentials in build or test scripts. This Refcard will focus on Declarative Pipeline and Blue Ocean as the preferred method for all users, especially new and intermediate users, to create, view, and edit continuous delivery pipelines using Jenkinsfiles.

Griffon provides many commands to help you create and manage an application, and plugins may add more commands.

Application name not specified. You can write maintainable and well designed applications quickly refccard spending time on builds, deployment, or configuration tweaking. Strive to build many, small, and reusable MVC triads within your application.

In a text editor, open the. This approach allows you to use practically any tool which can be packaged in a Docker container.

Code To Joy: Groovy Reference PDF

The text of the label is bound to a model property called message. Environment variables can be set globally, like the example below, or per stage. These combine to make Griffon an excellent choice for rich Internet applications.

Integer ranges are often used for selecting sublists.

Plus, you can generate an IDEA project from your Griffon sources in case you generated the project from the command line. Coercion rules for math operations are explained in Groovy in Action, chapter 3.


Consider the difference between an Employee object a domain model and an EmployeeTableModel an application model. Over a million developers have joined DZone. Testing is a first tefcard concern in Griffon.

For learning by example, the Griffon download package contains several examples, and the code grlovy all examples in this Refcard are available at: You can always edit this Jenkinsfile in the editor by selecting a branch and clicking on the pencil icon. Creating an Application — A full application stack is only a command away.

We can compose these steps together. Lastly, you can follow all the latest Griffon news by following theaviary on Twitter.

An MVC triad can be based around an entire window, a panel, or simply a widget. With a simple click, users can switch between traditional Jenkins pages for administrative tasks erfcard Blue Ocean to monitor the progress of their Pipelines.

Getting Started With Griffon

The parse methods of parser and slurper return different objects Node vs. Plugins strive to make third party library integration a one or two line of code affair, and they are a great way to add features with a minimum of effort.

As a Swing programmer you must remember two rules: List plus new methods. These settings are defined in detail below: As an application moves through the phases, you have the opportunity to cleanly execute any sort of acquiring or releasing resources you wish.