Hanwha XD20H For Sale Used Automatic Screw Machines & Lathes, Swiss Type , CNC Orca Machine Tools Inc. Tel. Read the latest news from our company: IEMCA Smart IV with HANWHA XD20H and XD20J | NEWS | (GB / EN). Consult HANWHA MACHINERY’s entire CNC AUTOMATIC LATHE XD SERIES HANWHA FANUC i/Siemens D/Mitsubishi M(XD20H Only) HANWHA.

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Manufacturing News Manufacturing News is a monthly metalworking manufacturing publication that informs overganwha readers of manufacturing solutions and new technology and the application of that technology in precision machining, production machining, fabricating of metals and composite materials.

Everyone makes swiss machines seem like a horrible monster beast but I really just think of them as another machine with different nuances. I tried what I know works having dealt with turning ss. Are you having problems with the actual machining of the part, i.

As far as the machine install and what not, you have to remember uanwha the guys installing the machines aren’t pros at the machines, theyre just guys from the dealer who set up various machines xd20j the time, they don’t know everything.

Twin Turret Grinder to be Unveiled. Broken tools and scrap parts New Minimum Quantity Lubrication System. I’ve found most cd20h to be as you described it, rushed and not as informative and “hold your hand the whole way” as you’d hanwhw.


One guys “nice and loose” may be another guys “snug” etc. Robotic Bin Picking Automation. Last edited by SirDenisNayland; at High pressure coolant is another learning curve all in itself, and I would love to say I figured it out after one job, but not so much.

Robotic Blast System with Tool Changer. Advanced Clamping and Gripping Technologies.

Sounds like you got quite the bum deal. High pressure is a tool, its not a necessity, though in this day and age a lot of tooling and certain things like super deep drilling do rely on it.

Step back and look at the part. Gleason Acquires Distech Systems Inc.

New T-type Horizontal Boring Machine. Machine Tool Component Products. Just try to learn from every broken tool. Software Designed to Shorten Cycle Time.

IEMCA Smart IV with HANWHA XD20H and XD20J | NEWS | (GB / EN)

Don’t know about tool life yet but changing inserts is sure gonna suck. Customer Service Offering Expands. Doing most of the hole on main side with HP coolant and carbide oil hole drill and the rest on the sub side.


New Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers. Remember though that the high pressure coolant is supposed to be aimed right at the top of the insert by the cutting edges to form a “hydraulic wedge” of oil between the insert and the chip flowing over it.

We have to deliver pcs of two parts by the 15th.

Used hanwha

Live Demonstration of Automated Machining Cell. What this does is keeps the chip off the insert as much as possible increasing insert life, and at the same time, helps to curl and break the chip.

Modular Quick-Change Tooling System. New Automatic Lathe for Productivity.

Metalcutting and Automation Technology. NEVER forget what you have learned. New Tool Holder Technology. New Video Measuring Microscope. Lovejoy nanwha Feature Cutters and Inserts. Master 80HF Bar Feeder.

Hanwha Machinery America | Swiss-type Turning Centers

The part also has a. Vertical Lathes Equipped for I. I am stringing up and pushing the part back. All trainers are gone. Rant off Maz Similar Threads: Dynamic Precision and Dynamic Efficiency Controls.