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The organizations and the men who conceived and ran them are hard to comprehend, but historicl facts and document’s prove gedtapo they were not only with us, but what they were. I didn’t go with 5 stars because I found I would get confused trying to follow the various intricate Nazi organizations. Dated but still valuable as a source and a history. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo.

Well that day or two took eight. Like any history book, there is a bibliography that would give you further reading delxrue on the subject of the Gestapo. A valuable book in explaining the unexplainable. Kahn rated it liked it. This book is a lesson in how a society becomes de,arue dangerous to itself and its neighbors. As the NAZI’s take control German society finds it almost acceptable to euthanize people considered mentally incapacitated and thousands are eliminated by lethal injections and gassing by combustible gas engines.

Already in the four corners of the world the survivors, those who regret the passing of Nazism, are sniffing at the changing wind. Amazon Business Servicio para clientes de empresa. A History of Horror by Jacques Delarue.


The Gestapo: A History of Horror by Jacques Delarue

Feb 08, John Grimes rated it really liked it Shelves: Germany of the ‘s was a state in revolution. That said, it’s well-written, vivid and approachable. This book was a very good read. This is an older book, which means it doesn’t benefit from the most recent research.


I found it to be thorough and well-researched. Quotes from The Gestapo: Yet, this book contains one key element which nearly all modern works must by definition lack. Always holding back information. I particularly found the emphasis on the French experience of the Gestapo interesting. I learned things I had not previously known. Written by a French survi Listened to the audiobook, with some distracting mispronunciations and odd emphases.

Aug 22, Kevin rated it liked it. Books by Jacques Delarue. The Gestapo’s power and authority was beyond challenge in the courts, and ka to so few that the German people were enmeshed in a net from which they could not criticize, protest or rebel without harsh consequence. Jun 22, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: I wouldn’t recommend it for someone with only a passing interest in WWII history, its a bit intimidating.

A starving population, a war weary army, hietoria by the Imperial German Navy and finally civil war in the streets. Discussed the primary minds behind the Gestapo and the S. Productos Reacondicionados Precios bajos jaccques productos revisados por Amazon. I can only pray that our youth continue to study what led to such heinous atrocities in the name of “loyalty.

Una plaga de espías: LA GESTAPO, de Jacques Delarue (Bruguera)

The major players of course are mentioned, along with names not as known beyond high school history and TV documentaries. The major players of course are mentioned, along with nam Very good and historla informative! View all 16 comments.

Written by a French survivor of Gestapo treatment in the early s so based on old research from transcripts of the Nuremberg trials, for e. All this leads up to jacque bunch of fanatical ex-soldiers who find themselves street fighting the very numerous and powerful German Communists for control. It is jacaues difficult to read about such a horrible story. Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas dde Kindle. The German’s under Hitler became the worst thing humanity has ever suffered.


Not a great intro to the topic, as the book meanders a bit, focusing at times on events that, while not devoid of interest, are only marginally relevant to the Gestapo itself.

A good overview and history of not only the Gestapo but also the R. You will never take casual political events lightly ever again.

The Gestapo: A History of Horror

The interesting part concerned a study made sometime in the ‘s that tested the intelligence of these babies raised by the Reich and found that they scored, on a whole, infinitely lower than other children. I’d recommend it to history buffs, or those needing a reference material, but otherwise?

In twelve short years, Himmler built an organization based upon absolute obedience regardless of what atrocious orders were handed down. This book goes step by step into the terror and force that made it possible. We need to review and understand what really went on.

It is a long, depressing chronicle, but one that is authoritative because of the LaRue’s knowledge, research and personal goals in writing it because of the knowledge he gained as an agent of resistance forces. Jacques Delarue, a saboteur arrested by the Nazis in jacquez France, chronicles how the land of Beethoven elevated sadism to a fine art.