THE subject of the Inspiration of the Bible is one which has been much . to our own Charles Hodge and Henry B. Smith, the one of whom asserts that the Bible. Archibald Hodge and Benjamin Warfield published this article together in The Presbyterian Review 6 (April ). It quickly drew notice for its scholarly and. It seemed fitting then to highlight this little gem from the modern grand-daddies of the doctrine of Inspiration, Archibald Hodge and B.B. Warfield.

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So with reference to the titles of the rulers of Achaia, Philippi, Ephesus, etc.

The best examples to illustrate the character of the attempts made to exhibit disharmony, and the rocks on which these attempts always break, are probably those five striking cases on which Dr.

That quotation, being essentially different from translation, any amount of deviation from the original in formis thoroughly allowable, so long as the sense of the original is adhered to; provided only that the quoter is not professing to give the exact form. If you are of a conservative leaning this will strengthen your faith. Annunciation to Joseph; C.

But when we begin to examine the instances brought forward in support of it, they are found to be cases of difficult, not of impossible, harmony. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The fourth in like manner destroys the force of every objection which is tacitly founded on the idea that partial and incomplete statements cannot be inspired, no documents can be quoted except verbatimno conversations reported unless at length, etc.

Luke does not represent this as a Roman census in the sense that it was taken up after Roman methods, but only in the sense that it was ordered ultimately by Roman authority. Any visit undertaken at such a time as to furnish no such opportunity and Acts xii. Both assume exactly the same facts at their bases, viz. With this refutation in mind, they simply assert their conviction that none of the claims or assertions of the Scriptures as to the authenticity of a single book of either Testament has hitherto been disproved.


It is not questionable that the great historic churches have held these creed definitions in the wagfield of affirming the errorless infallibility of the Word. Death of Herod; H. It is consequently postponed to the near future, when it is intended that the whole subject shall inspiratiin presented as fully as possible. These claims are a universal and inseparable characteristic of every part of Scripture.

And it thus hhodge our duty to examine some samples of the chief classes of facts usually appealed to. We reach the same inspiratiion if we ask after their geographical accuracy. On the other hand, the defenders of the strictest doctrine of Inspiration should cheerfully acknowledge that theories as to the authors, dates, sources, and modes of composition of the several books, which inspiratiion not plainly inconsistent with the testimony of Christ or His Apostles as to the Old Testament, or with the apostolic origin of the books of the New Testament, or with the absolute truthfulness of any of the affirmations of these books so authenticated, cannot in the least invalidate the evidence or pervert the meaning of the historical doctrine of Inspiration.

Perhaps, however, the two most important and far-reaching instances of disharmony alleged of late years are: Inspiration does not suppose that the words and phrases written under its influence are the best possible to express the truth, but only that they are an adequate expression of the truth.

The divine agency, although originating in a different source, yet emerges into the effect very much through the same channels. We are next confronted with objections meant to traverse the third of our preliminary statements, consisting of bold assertions that, whatever may have been their origin, our Scriptures do exhibit phenomena of inspkration, that mistakes are found in them, errors committed by them, untrue statements ventured.

Quote Posted by Derek Rishmawy. Return to Nazareth when all legal duties were performed. This is true except in that comparatively small element of the whole body of sacred writing, in which the human authors simply report the word of God warrield communicated, or as in some of the prophecies they wrote by Divine dictation.

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There are others who maintain that the Scriptures have been certainly inspired so far forth as to constitute them in all their parts, and, as a whole, an infallible and divinely authoritative rule of faith and practice, and yet hold that, while the thoughts of the sacred writers concerning doctrine and duty were inspired and errorless, their language was of purely human suggestion, and more or less accurate.


There were divine voices, appearances, covenants, supernatural communications and interventions; the introduction of new institutions, and their growth under special providential conditions. This, because Luke ii. This class of objectors are, of course, self-consistent in rejecting verbal inspiration in any sense. Nor have they any embarrassment in the face of these theories, seeing that they believe them to rest on no better basis than an overacute criticism overreaching itself and building on fancies.

From the beginning God has dealt with man in the concrete, by self-manifestations and transactions. The asserted contradiction between Acts and Galatians is already crumbling of its own weight. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

It does not, like it, profess, to give as exact a representation of the original, in all its aspects and on every side, as possible; but only to give a true account of its teaching in one of its bearings.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Try the Kindle edition and experience these warield reading features: Without it the mysteries unveiled before the eyes of the seer would be confused shadows; with it they are made clear lessons for human life.

Hodge and Warfield: Our View of Inspiration Reflects Our View of God | Reformedish

Do the New Testament writers so quote the Old Testament as to falsify it? That any neglect of inspirarion context of the original is allowable so long as the purpose for which the quotation is adduced does not imply the context, and no falsification of sense is involved. Sanday to be the most striking and difficult ones that could be put to the apologist out of the quotations which the New Testament makes from the Innspiration.