The Sufis [Idries Shah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When it first appeared in , The Sufis was welcomed as the decisive work on . Fifty years ago this autumn, Idries Shah published The Sufis, with an introduction by Robert Graves. The Washington Post declared it “a. This work offers coverage of the spiritual and psychological tradition of Sufism. It shows that Sufism is not the preserve of ecstatic religionists, but has a.

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Does Western society need this infusion of Sufi thought? In he established a publishing house, Octagon Press, producing translations of Sufi classics as well as titles of his own. The idea of the guide in current forms of Sufism stretches back as a spiritual lineage to the Prophet Idriws s.

When people I am associated with become overwhelmed sudis ESP phenomena, I always insist that they stop it, because their objective is elsewhere. A book that has changed the way, the world looks at the world.

The problem is that the spurious, the unreal, the untrue is so much easier to find that it is in danger of becoming the norm.

We don’t plan to form an organization with somebody at the top and others at the bottom collecting money or wearing funny clothes or converting people to Sufism. Both of them were associated with the University of Californiawhere Ornstein was a research psychologist at the Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute.

In the tradition of the great Sufi classics, the deeper appeal of this remarkable book is in its ability to function as an active instrument of instruction, in a way that is so clearly relevant to our time and culture. A lot of it was shfis Librium might do the same thing.


Idries Shah

Recent studies of memory indicate that unless adrenalin is present, idriex learning takes place, and shock causes adrenalin to flow. Nasruddin was featured in Shah’s television documentary Dreamwalkerswhich aired on the BBC in The Sufi might then be said to be the person who wants to know the real…the real suris is beyond form.

With many of these gurus it comes down to an “us and them” sort of thing between the East and the West. You can’t predict it at all.

Idries Shah – Wikipedia

If I emphasise the books, it is because they are the evident legacy of this man’s life, and available to anyone. As such, The Sufis can be read as part of a whole course of study. Thus, we return to my original question: But there must be more than efficiency to it. The man who lost the gold must have been up earlier than you. When he can read words he retains the knowledge of the letters but reads whole words.

Idries Shah’s definitive work, The Sufiscompletely overturned Western misconceptions of Sufism, revealing a great spiritual and psychological tradition encompassing many of the world’s greatest thinkers: They have something else to do first. The modern tone and its psychological insight is set at the sufiw with the tale called ‘The Islanders.

The neighbor returned them, together with one extra one – a very tiny pot. Sufism is experience of life through a method of dealing with life and human relations. But I think, yes, a great deal more can be discovered providing the scientists are prepared to shab good scientists. Bennett once said to me, ‘There are different styles in the work.

Shah came to be recognized as a spokesman for Sufism in the West and lectured as a visiting professor at sufid number of Western universities. But it is possible to see why conditioning has taken place and why a person’s beliefs become oversimplified. At times I must admit that this did sound conspiratorial in places as Idries tried to link the origin of organisations like the Carboneri in Italy and the Freemasons and Knights Templar to Sufiism which I found a little dubious but the way he puts his arguments across it did sound reasonable in certain places.


Shah meant to convey. Retrieved 3 October In other words, Sufism might help us solve some of the enormous social, political and environmental problems that face us. At random, then, we sgah see this Sufic influence in our poetry; literature; mythology; magic; alchemy; freemasonry; and in the Troubadour movement with the concept of chivalry, romantic love and hence much modern music that has come along in its wake.

To ask other readers questions hsah The Sufisplease sign up. Shah’s father, the Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shahwas expected by Graves to present the original manuscript to clear the matter up, but he died in a car accident in Tangier in November Philosopher of science and physicist Henri Bortoft used teaching tales from Shah’s corpus as analogies of the habits of mind which prevented people from grasping the scientific method of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

His family on the paternal side were Musavi Sayyids.

The most polite thing they can say about us is that we are irascible and out of control.