It did seem like Se-Kwang’s father took the deal of going to jail in return for SeKwang’s education and he didn’t seem too bitter about it. There are lots of flaws in it but it’s got something sweet to it. He manages to have 2 strong women fall head over heels for him even though he feels nothing or almost nothing for them and they were willing to break the law for him at least Ji Ho got her senses back. He became more in touch with his inner self and more connected with his emotions and began to see things much differently. I think for this reason he is almost insane in his desire to drive a wedge between Jae In and Cha Don in revenge. I guess it is a half way appeasement for me. I’m sad that this drama is over T-T.

Sorry, this content is not available in your region. Did Cha Don still has his fortune? On the other hand, Cha-don has built a fortified network of those who would come to his aid in a heartbeat. But he roars at her to shut up and to leave him be. Rubysing April 24, at 5: She could’ve just taken a break from work to take care of her mom.

The boss balks when Cha-don gets called out for a special visitation since Cha-don is far from a model prisoner. Posted September 23, Try giving it a chance.

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Kim Soo Mi Supporting Cast. In fact, she is the ONLY one who did that. Se-kwang tells him to shut up because only the victor is the one who is righteous. People around Mo Hyun.


If it was truly justice, things epdrwma have never ended up like this. A guest has already reported this download using your current IP address. In real life – there really are women and men who are like Angelina who will give their all for the peron they loved. Omg I love this episode so much! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. I also loved that the confession of Jae In and Cha Don is done or code.

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I haven’t finished this yet, I’m terribly behind. Ah this drama is over. I loved how LCD handled prison! Park Sang Min Main Cast.

So they follow his instructions and the truck driver, Bong-gun, approaches Cha-don to thank him. She tells him to get lost but that only amuses him and he tells her that mojey anything, she should feel bitter toward Cha-don, not him. I didn’t read the recaps themselves, but I read your comments before and after each episode so it gave me an idea weither or not I will want to watch it, which I want now.

Angelina originally had one made for herself, but managed to get episofe second one for SeKwang, so they can leave Korea together. I never used to care for guys in suits but after incarnaation k-drama, I am beginning to appreciate a man in great business attire. I am really curious about the other cast and about the stories.

Incarnation of Money Episode 22

I agree with gummimochi about the relationship between Se Kwang and Jae In – i have been amused by their interactions at first but now i am intrigued as well However, the thing about “original sin” is that, no matter, how much one tries to cover it up, will only lead to more atrocious acts or murder etc one after the other – this is one of the issue that the writer explored, in my opinion.


It seemed a little bit like the truck driver that Prosecutor Kwon used to do that hit on Cha-Don.

He started wooing the truck driver before the dude went to jail- in the hospital room. I know it’s a drama, but still, you were doing reasonably well up to now!

And they showed his six pack body They really made us attached to her character by showing her vulnerabilities and humanity.

What is the truth? I liked a significant portion of this drama for the intelligent competition between the two guys.

I actually ended up feeling sorry for the mob boss. Yoon Yong Hyun Supporting Cast.

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Joo Hyun Supporting Cast. I’m falling back because it’s exam week, but after all of my exams I will be sure to catch up! That is such a mess of a drama. He searches her face as she frets over his tired, sunken face. Our patience really paid off, because this drama now epiaode a special place in my heart. Prettysup Thanks for the update and confirmation. Considering that kang ji hwan gives them so effectively