Just In All Stories: Sango — Love always prevails! Miroku — I don’t think it works that way InuYasha. Episodes 89 through Sango — Oh yeah. Kagome — Well I’m glad we made it. Kagome — Come again? Author’s notes — Tomorrow is my last day of school.

Kagome — Isn’t he a little young to be saying that? Then another episode involving mostly Kikyou happens. She cooked everything, hope you don’t mind that I made it raw. InuYasha — Boy do I feel like crap. Er, I mean, you dirty whore, get off of him! That’s right, they defeat a miko-eating rock together.

Kagome gets pissed and storms off. Just In All Stories: InuYasha — Just you watch, she’ll come crawling back. Young Girl — I love you too. Kagome — Okay then. Your review has been posted.

Inuyasha The Abridged Series Episode 2 в inuyasha

Kikyou — So am I! Shippou — I get to re-live the day my dad was killed and skinned.

Rated — R for a bit of swearing and the presence of raw livers and unmentionables By — Merc InuYasha — The Condensed Commentary Version Author — When episoees last left off, InuYasha was being harassed by a bunch of baby monkeys and a random old lady pointed out that Sango loved Miroku.


Kikyou — This cave eats mikos.

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An psuwari which had been made by the viewers of the show about forty episodes back. Sango — You’re not helping. I’ll get the mud-tub, while the iniyasha of you slip into bikinis.

InuYasha — That’s not what I wanted to hear. Kagome — No I’m not. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Episodes 82 through 88 8. Get back here you wench! Shippou — Damn straight you horrible, horrible girl. Kikyou — Feeling’s mutual. Episodes 89 through InuYasha — Boy do I feel like crap. Sango — I feel so bad.

Miroku — My Kazaana’s gone out of control again. End of Commentaries for episodes 89 — Whew, I actually managed to cover some ground with this chapter.

Sango – Hot Chick in the Mountains is apparently the real deal. Sesshomaru — Nuthin’ much homie. Kagome — Come again? Episodes condensed into a short but hilarious and crazy commentary through the eyes of the audience and the author.

Oh well, at least he could get rid of Hojo for me while he’s at it. This was probably the easiest to write besides the first chapter because of the fact that literally every single episode in this set is a filler not even presented in the manga.


Audience — How convenient, a very stupid and nonsensical story arc. Audience — Compared to how the rest of the cast treated Kirara, Sango looks like a nun surrounded by a bunch of rapist puppy-killers.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. InuYasha — Well he’s about that age. Shippou — You should go back to your time and rest. Sango — Love always prevails!

Souta — Don’t answer that InuYasha. Mommy used to make this for me. InuYasha — Screw you, that’s the last time I ever do anything nice.

Graduation is only two days away. I’m such a horrible person! Miroku — Oh goody, two hot chicks fighting over me! Audience — Is it just us or do a lot of these kids look too close to the same age to all be his?

Sango — Oh yeah. Kagome — I hate you.

Sango — Go away you evil snow-white slut!