Thank u soooooooo much Dr bringing back arnav and khushi. Arnav gives his trademarked half-smile as Khushi casually claims him as her husband, and then casually uses his shoulder for support as she hops down from the bed. And his deadly look when Khushi announces that he is ready to take her as a translator! September 20, at 8: Khushi says if he gives pain then he treats it too. He says he is not wearing glasses. She has sent Khushi and Payal to them and Mahendra also comes dressed like a driver.

Tagged with ipkknd iss pyaar ko kya naam doon myipkkndrewatch. Find all the recaps here. They ask him what he is doing but he continues behaving like an attendant. Its really sad only 8 episode is dere… Come back to screen… If not, continue dis sat tuesday episodes in hotstar atleast…. But when Arnav walks in, everyone quickly grabs their tiffins and goes to their seats. The two couples are dancing and Nani makes Anjali and Shyam also join in and everyone dances on the title track of the show. Nani points out the importance of being independent. Arnav gets thoughtful and tells Mr.

He thinks she will be happy and wonders where is his key. ASR is not pleased to see his employees with tiffins by Khushi in their hands. He is agitated because his daily bread and butter is at stake. I swear bigada Raizada is sleeping in such an awkward position But just then, Khushi also comes and they share an eyelock Why do I blush whenever these two are together?

Tagged with ipkknd iss pyaar ko kya naam doon myipkkndrewatch. He asks her, what happened there? Arnav says you had already left and is not at home. Shyam, who apparently has a real job and a real office, is shown trying to buy a watch. Arnav sees her and asks, so carrot took place of jalebis?

Khushi tells Anjali she is on the first day of her work and will call her back. Mami starts againAnji says Pali is a beautiful place, a beach place, Nani asks Shyam to explain more about the thing, he is annoyed, he says they will be picked by limo from the airport, and then a candlelight dinner by beach, Mami asks for a spare ticket Nani says Shukla will handle the business At night, ASR comes to the roomKSR gives the papers and he takes them, KSR says i am not interestedm he tears it saying I cancelled it already Aakash says that he cancelled it cause of a imp meeting, Payal agrees She is taking the pillows out when he says you will sleep on the bed, after arguements he won’t budge and sleeps on the recliner at least ek kamre mein toh aye No Precap.


I talked with her already. Arnav says whoever has money has power. Join or Log Into Facebook.

He says he is not wearing glasses. You see, my wedding happened so quickly that I never had the chance … Business cards. He says Khushi has made him her partner. He asks ASR why he did this to him. Maha 28th Nov – 6: They are further shocked to know that her business is that of tiffin service. I want this show on tv at 8 pm daily… Hotstar is quite slow…. Khushi has it sent to their room as the bhindi nose snake gets suspicious She explains what she did all day – the shopping, the cooking, the deliveries – to which Anjali asks why Khushi needs to work.

But why did I marry Khushi, as she gives me reverse answers and do all the things which I hate. Natasha turns back and says, I think myself which you can become one.

This leaves Khushi shocked. The man who protested is the canteen guy. Awesome episode Arshi rockzzzzz……… H. They end epieode dance with a hug and everyone starts clapping as the two are lost in each other’s eyes Afterwards, both the couples are lead to their rooms, I mean “Honeymoon Suites” Mahendra takes their mobiles from there and shuts the door.

She feels bad at this. Welcome to marriage Arnav is distracted by shouting from the office floor, where the canteen owner, Shukla-ji, is demanding answers for why writtwn employees no longer want his food. Arnav finally asks what the commotion is about.


He gets tickets to Lucknow and mannat keys.

Khushi is about to make jalebis, but Nk stops her. They click pictures of thr two couples as well. Lady confidently starts giving her introduction.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn 28th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Teju 28th Nov – 8: They tell him Khushi makes food like at home. Khushi comes rushing into the house, laden with bags and a sweet box in her hand. Arnav is on the phone with Mr. Shyam is all set to buy an expensive watch when he discovers that the balance in the account is very low. He wants her to be independant.

Bitwa is not having a good morning. Downstairs, Khushi completes a call before coming across Shukla complaining to one of the security guards. The change in dynamic is tangible. And I just loved this one when he nzam to protest after Aakash suggests taking Khushi. Arnav seems equally surprised. When she hangs up, she overhears the canteen guy complaining about Khushi ruining his business to the guard. He gets a letter and shockingly calls someone. The canteen man reveals that Khushi-bhabhi has made him a business partner.

I am just used to the phone now.


He recalls Shyam decorating the room with roses for Anjali and her child and thinks a lot over it. Finally, he calls Mr.

He feels that if Shyam is really serious about Anjali, pyaarr should first take care of her. Everyone is left speechless at the passion and chemistry emitting from the performance And that includes me.