Josephine Mutzenbacher or The Story of a Viennese Whore, as Told by Herself is an erotic Although the German-language text makes use of witty nicknames — for instance, the curate’s genital is called “a hammer of mercy” — for human. Josefine Mutzenbacher: Meine Liebhaber – (Josephine Mutzenbacher: My of the text of Josephine Mutzenbacher at the AuerspergTheater in Vienna. Josefine Mutzenbacher: oder Die Geschichte einer Wienerischen Dirne von ihr selbst erzählt (in German). by Felix Salten · Project Gutenberg Release #

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It reached beyond his navel; the head josefins was as big as most cocks that I had seen! Albert and I smiled knowingly; he began to push and I bobbed up and down. He came in at once, and began to ijeel of my titties, but instead of playing with me, he began to examine me. He had dark eyes; a sad-looking lad; his black eyes and dark face always covered with grime and soot.

Josefine Mutzenbacher by Felix Salten – Free Ebook

While undressing, I could see his face, which was smooth-shaven, his mouth toothless, and he had a few white hairs on his head; his hands trembled; he seemed generally broken down. It had as many wrinkles as the year had hours.

For goodness sake, go on. Albert quietly held her breast in his hand, but now it was’Melani who moved about, rubbing her titties against Albert’s hands. Really and truly fucked right. I was still holding Albert’s stem and felt it tremble. I could not resist moving up and down, but he whispered: The title’s similarity to Josephine Mutzenbacher, being only two letters different, is a play on words that is not just coincidence.

My father and my mother josefjne we three mutzenbafher lived in two rooms He must have perceived something in my looks which robbed him of his senses for a moment.


Her warning was not necessary. I was anxious to show her the money that I had just earned and to tell her of my experience at the photographers’. I was at that time five years old and was playing on the floor of the room.

Josephine Mutzenbacher

Albert can play all that he likes—it will not affect me any more—Oh—but that is so sweet—! The Court prefaced their verdict by referring to two other seminal freedom of expression cases from previous German Case Law, the Mephisto Decision and the Anachronistischer Decision.

It took quite a little time for the boy to finish, but at last he was through, at which he jumped up and ran away, and I went homewards again. Then he lifted my shirt and played around my pussy; then he took out his cock, pushed’ it between my legs and rubbed it against my belly, until he went off. Among all those lodgers there were two who clearly stand out in my memory. The Vienna Coffeehouse Wits, — We lived in a tenement house away out in Ottakring, at that time a new house, which was filled from top to bottom with the poorer class of tenants.

He stopped at once. This roomer was a middle-aged man of fifty or so. All of these people had so many children that they over-crowded the small courtyards in the summer. As I came out of the bushes and started for home, Jutzenbacher saw the soldier urinating at some distance away. I was standing in front of him as he sat there and did not resent any movement on his part, but smiled encour- agingly up to him.

I got so that Mutzenbcaher could satisfy myself very well indeed by this method. I called the old lady, she told me that she knew him, and for me not to get frightened.

He was siin-burned, had small ears and a red nose. At this he put his hand between my legs, feeling my pussy. Freedom of Expression or The Protection of the Youth.


I jumped with joy! Then she led me into the house, direct to the studio, which, with its glass room and high windows impressed me very favorably.

Josephine Mutzenbacher – Wikipedia

The book begins when she is five years old and ends when she is thirteen years old and starts her career as an unlicenced prostitute with a friend, to support her unemployed father. A few days later, he again came home early. Archived 29 December at the Wayback Machine.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: I don’t need any figs. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat Just then he buried his face in my lap, always kissing, but he did not use 15 I his tongue.

At that time we all agreed that that must be proper. You will stay after school. I was frightened, but he whispered: Suddenly he opened his eyes, jumped up; he saw the wine, drained josefkne glass in one texy, angrily stared at me, gave me five gulden and then left.

Round dance and other plays. An item that is placed on the list becomes very difficult for adults to access as a result of these restrictions.

The saying is, that young whores become old, religious crones, but that was not mutzenbachef case. Zensi smiled at him, but walking up to me, he said: The first time he gave me only a few pennies.

We now kept time, Zensi whipping his breast, belly and legs, while I belabored his back and ass, which was soon fiery red. The novel has been translated umtzenbacher English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish and Finnish, and been the subject of numerous films, theater productions, parodies, and university courses, as well as two sequels.