11 जुलाई Doha: Kabira Khada Bazar Mein, Mange Sabki Khair Na Kahu Se Dosti, Na Kahu Se Bair! Meaning: Is Sansar Mein Aakar Kabir Das Ji Apne. Pune audience gave huge applauses to their play Kabira Khada Bazar Mein. On audience demand, they are coming back with it. Including. Students of Gyan Bharati School, Saket, organised the house function of Bharat and Kasturba House called ‘Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein’. The sow was based on .

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Kabir khada bazaar mein tracks the opposing pulls of the individual and the collective, spiritual and social, autonomy and social authority, as Prahlad Tipanya embraces Kabir.

The most quoted poet of today, Kabir, his famous Dohas and his philosophies remain critically relevant to contemporary times. Come discover Kabir through modern music, books, films, experiences and more.

Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein

InI spent three days in a small village called Damakheda in Chhattisgarh, amidst devout mejn of the Dharamdasi Kabir Panth sect at their annual festival celebrating the chauka aarti, a ritual worship of the guru. I was able to see quite critically the divisiveness of religion, its unholy nexus with politics and commerce, the distortions and exploitation in the practice of ritual, but I was also moved to see the faith and spirit with which people gathered there.


I began to recognize the power and attraction rituals can hold, as seasonal place markers of what we hold valuable, as aesthetic reminders of values we want to dedicate ourselves to, as moments kavira shared community with like-minded seekers. It probes the ironies, compulsions and contradictions that unfold in the life of Prahlad Tipanya who, while being part of the activist secular group Eklavya, also decides to join the Kabir Panth as a mahant cleric of the sect.

The film tracks the opposing pulls of the individual and the collective, the spiritual and the social, the contrasting calls of autonomy and social authority, as he tries to conscientiously translate the ideas of Kabir into his own life practice. In discussions of this film in various places I often encounter a supercilious dismissal of the Kabir Panth amongst urban elite audiences, which I find irksome.

I see how easily we become judgmental. Somehow our rituals are always more palatable than theirs. Through this filmic journey I developed a more complex and empathetic understanding of ritual. His argument is that without the life force of powerful personal experience and critical self knowledge, we can at best clutch onto scripture, ritual and community as ways to secure kwbira insecure egos.

Then all these become empty props, meaningless enactments that can strengthen social exploitation and divisiveness.

The author has inquired into the ,ein resonances of Kabir through a series of journeys over the last 10 years through films, music and books. Many of the insights of this article derive from shared discussions and discoveries during years of friendship with Linda Hess, my advisor and Kabir scholar-translator based in Stanford University.


I owe a similar debt to my friend and guru Bazaaar Tipanya who walked me into his world of Kabir with great generosity. Journeys with Kabir and Friends.

Journeys with Ram and Kabir. Journeys with Kumar and Kabir. Can we go back to the future?

Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein : A Film on Kabir by Shabnam Virmani | Blind to Bounds

Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein: Journeys with Sacred and Secular Kabir Video: View this movie at cultureunplugged. Journeys with Kabir and Friends Jan 11, Journeys with Kumar and Kabir Jan 10, Journeys with Sacred and Secular Kabir Jan 9, Journeys with Ram and Kabir Jan 8, No Nasties makes it easy to get a seat on the eco-fashion bus Usha Hariprasad on Nov 12, Upasana comes full circle with sustainable fashion Usha Hariprasad on Nov 5, Metaphor Racha uses khadi to make a big impact with a small footprint Usha Hariprasad on Nov 3, Get stories like this in your inbox.

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