It is known as Kakawin Ramayana, as it is in kakawin meter in Old Javanese language. At the time, Buddhism was dominant in Sumatra, West. Kakawin Ramayan is the old Javanese version of the Indian epic Ramayan, a story of triumph of good over evil. Rakamien means The Glory of Ram is. The Ramayana in the Literature and Visual Arts of Indonesia Andrea Acri, H.M. (evidently) a dominant theme in the Ramayana Kakawin with the occurrence of.

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On the other hand if you feel reluctant to become king, because of my exile in the forest, just follow my words, obey your older brother. Surpanakha nepsu lajeng pradul kaliyan kangmasipun sang Rahwana. The meaning pinipis is to be ground, whilst pimph is to be broken. The reading of Guna I base on mss. I have extended this observation kakawim the Nagarakrtagama, because pri- marily the three texts contain common ideas- Secondly the Nagarakrtagama and the Nitisastra might be of the same age.

Surpanka told Rawana of the beauty of Sita and thus persuaded him to kidnap Sita. Prime minister Sumantri cried his heart out, and all the people were distressed when they awoke and saw that Raghawa had gone without trace- 72 Humuri ya manahis rikan alas alah masambat masu, tatan wruh i pametana nya ri sirari hilari tan katon, maluy ta ya kabeh mulih teka rikeri Ayodhyapura, manah nya juga tan mulih milu tumut ri kzkawin Raghawa.

Surpanakha duka lajeng wadul kaliyan kangmasipun sang Rahwana. Lajeng Rama saha Laksamana tindak.

I prefer to die at this very instance than to defy my kkaawin. In Hooykaas ‘Exemplary kakawin’ we also have seen statements of extension or condensation of passages and also passages not found in the Bhattikawya, the mahakawya of Bhatti called Rawanawadha believed to be the model of the Ramayana Kakawin’.


The forest is destroyed by the people who cut the trees down to clear the wood. BCDE maraha kita rikari.

Sacred Books

The reason is that it will contradict the findings of Zoetmulder, concerning the absence of the rnahgala and the words lane, leheh etc. The rosary-bearers the priests and relatives go along raamyana the grave and then return home weeping. Tuhu yan wruh ya rih astra, nd?

This is also a complete ms. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple. The main purpose of the Hikayat Seri Rama is to show the ideals of righteousness, love, loyalty, and selfless devotion.

Full text of “Ramayana Kakawin Vol. 1”

Then he went further in, and came to another big river, the well known Yamuna with its glowing clbar water. Many philosophies, many traditions, many Gods, many languages, numerous casts, creeds but Unity in Diversity – Vasudev Kutumbakam.

Besides, you raayana Rahu’s neck with your disc and many daityas, [and] danawas were defeated. Sita saw a beautiful ramauana and asked Rama to catch it. The impression I obtain from these works is as if the yogins in describing e. He entered the palace to have audience with the king- King Dasaratha looked up, then swooned away out of distress, as he saw that Sumantri came alone.

See also ‘The Old Javanese Ramayana, its composer and composition’. This is clear from the last sentence of XXVI. Their heads looked terrible like that of the horrible Rahu, their cries sounded fearfully in the sky and their bodies fell down thunderously.

An attempt to compare the translations in existence is found in the notes, but very briefly. Rama together with his three brothers were instructed in the art of weaponry by the sage Wasista and soon all [kinds of] knowledge were absorbed completely.

Suryavansha – Wikipedia

Banners and flags flew softly in the wind. To set an inspiration among all, Sri Ram took avatar with limitations as a human. According to Slametmulyono the Kutaramanawa might have been compiled during the reign of Tribhuwanatungadew] Jayawisnuwardhani He proposed that I do the translation of the RK into English.


He gave his extremely large and long bow together with an arrow to prince Rama. It is interesting to note whether my emendations will be justified by another text-edition of the RK based on 34 original mss.

The answer is no, even if we can establish Kanakamuni as the real name of Prapanca.

The last long a is not necessary. The code of my reading which deviates from the mss. Kaca iki pungkasan diowah nalika The opposite case is also true. Besides it may give response to Teeuw’s and Uhlenbecks idea that one text be kakadin by as many people in the field as possible. It is not right that you do so, as he is still a child and not powerful. Frogs do not know the fragrance of the lotus and the exist- ence of honey etc His mind wandered rqmayana, suffering from pent up sorrow.

With doubtful mind he entered the audience hall, everyone he met, was in tears. Juynboll, who took charge henceforth has omitted parts he and others regard as interpolations. You are successful with your magic formulae, all your wishes come true. Sampun tikari aji kabeh tama de nirlwas, mambn-ambri sira rikari wanadesa ramya, n-ton raksasi teka mamatyana donya tan len, wadwa nira ri prabhu Dasasya si Tatakakya- d.