Posts about Koyna Hydropower Project written by SANDRP. detailed information on KOYANA HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT that The koyana Dam is one of the largest dams in Maharashtra, India. with Koyna Hydropower Plant (KHPP) stage IV which generates lower electric output than the installed capacity with higher maintenance. This project aims to.

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Views Read Edit View history. An upstream side view of dam is visible from this garden.

Projects : Koyna Power Project | The World Bank

NHPC solar project Koyna dam clean energy hydroelectric power plant. It is one of the most beauty in satara. But the total generation capacity of the two stages was too large for load forecasts of that time. Sun, Jun 26 He, however, did not give a timeline by when the report is likely to be submitted.

The impounded projeft of the Koyna Dam though has submerged a significant amount of rain forest of the Western Ghatsit has helped a lot to the surrounding forest by supplying water all round the year.

Hence, it was accepted that the two stages have to be executed as one. Joshi said various departments are currently carrying out the feasibility and technical and financial viability studies.

Projects & Operations

Location of Koyna Dam in Maharashtra. This stage is mostly used to cater for the peak hour demands of the electric grid.

The Koyna Dam in Maharashtra. The total capacity of the project is 1, MW. This is also a major attraction for tourists visiting in monsoon season. It has 6 radial gates. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Then the water is discharged into the projecy race tunnel. This protective cover has enabled the emergence of a diverse variety of flora and fauna in the sanctuary.


The dam has withstood many earthquakes in the recent past, including the devastating Koynanagar earthquakeresulting in the dam developing some cracks.

Within two years thereafter, it dma to be noticed that the 10 years time tag between these two stages will not be affordable and to cope up kkoyna the power requirements, the two stages should be merged and both the stages should be constructed simultaneously.

The water from Shivasagar reservoir is taken through an intake structure known as Navja tower near village of Navja into the head race tunnel. Sanket Deshpande The mighty Krishna River bears the name of Lord Krishna; the beloved dqm and dusky lord worshipped throughout the country.

Koyna Dam – Wikipedia

State-run NHPC Ltd is planning to set up a megawatt MW solar power project at Koyna hydel power complex in Maharashtra prlject part of an initiative to expand its solar portfolio. The spillway of the dam is located at the center. Therefore, we want to expand in the solar sector. This project came up with an idea of immortalising this place and this event by constructing a beautiful park and naming it as “Nehru Memorial Park”. A nonconventional intake system was created by piercing the lake from the bottom by blasting the rock plug using projec.

The electricity generated in all the stages is prouect to the main electrical grid. Hydroelectric power stations in Maharashtra Underground power stations Pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations in India. The main purpose of the dam is hydroelectricity with some irrigation in neighboring areas.

Thus a very large hydraulic head is available over a very short distance. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Koyna Hydroelectric Project. Godavari basin Narmada basin Krishna basin. To utilise more water from the Shivasagar reservoir, another dam foot powerhouse is being constructed on the left bank of dwm dam. Wai Caves Karad Caves. Indian scientific establishment has formulated an ambitious project to drill fam deep borehole in the region and intensely study the earthquake activity.


All the generators are located in underground powerhouses excavated deep inside the mountains of the Western Ghats.

Retrieved 29 October Thus, one more stage called Stage IV was added to power system of Stages I and II, thus converting the Koyna Power Station into a peaking power station complex with load factor of about Crude oil prices to direct sugar prices in Due to the large rainfall in the hilly region surrounding the reservoir, some beautiful falls are generated in the monsoon season.

This dam impounds the tail race water from Stage I and II. Views Read Edit View history. Today the Koyna Hydroelectric Project is the largest completed hydroelectric power plant in India [2] having a total installed capacity of 1, MW.

It is further divided into four pressure shafts which run vertically downward delivering water to the turbines.

Dams in Satara district establishments in India Projfct completed in Energy infrastructure completed in Hydroelectric power stations in Maharashtra Gravity dams Dams in Western Ghats. Retrieved 20 April After the independence of Indiait was taken over by the Government of Maharashtra.

There is an auditorium named ‘Yashogatha’ meaning: Then it travels through vertical pressure shafts to the underground powerhouses.