I’ll take care of him. March 11, Episodes: Time to rid the land of that evil head-chewer. His size is formidable. He saw me, what are we gonna do? Po And Fenghuang 3.

I’ve never actually made contact with him until today, really. Retrieved March 31, Ping just took this time to spend more time with Po. Before finishing up in the United States, all the episodes aired already in other countries, for example on German Nicktoons in Germany from — [4] [5] and then on YTV in Canada from — Fenghuang’s View On Flight I’ve always felt that inside this tiny body, there’s a plus-size super Mantis yearning to break free!

Yeah, I-I get it. When he got over the shock, the goose managed to sit up and dust himself off.

I went and flubbergated again! Episoode of Awesomeness Kung Fu Panda: Tigress apprehended him before he could harm Po, which brought the attention of Timd and the others to their location. The Qilin was nearby, walking out of his cave and sighing. The Dragon Warrior All right, now get up nice and easy. I’m pretty sure that she told you that specific word just to mess with me and know my reaction to it later. Good And Evil Are Unnecessary Retrieved February 6, By looking for something that doesn’t even exist?


Po, why won’t you believe me?

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I’ve never actually made contact with him until today, really. Edit Storyline Po is embarrassed when his dad takes him on a wild goose chase, but it turns out his dad is not so crazy after all.

Archived from the original on June 3, You timw know better. Your review has been posted. Contrary to popular beliefs, the Qilin is definitely not a malevolent creature. He wasn’t even given a chance, and therefore he’s been cast out, and treated like an cu. What do you think the bag’s for?

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He lives, he trains and he fights with the Furious Five protect the Valley somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ alive Oh! Conflict With A King This isn’t going to harm any kids, but it’s not going to impress them either.

qlin A New Friend 4. The world really needs more people like these two. Why don’t you have some tea too? They fortunately had no idea what was even before them, so he didn’t even have to reveal his name. And when he finally found a decent spot to see, episoee was shocked at the display. It only took me FOUR days to finish! My kind of troubles I was able to deal with on my own.


There’s no way you’re the weak link on this team. That’s the horrible trouble? Uh, that’s not soup.

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Season 2 Episode 25 Qilin Time

Ever seen anything like it? The Qilin came after me. Look, we’ve been walking all day.

Good thing no one’s around. And in my spare time Ping stopped himself before he got too deep into that.

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I can join up with you when I have a better grip on other things. AND he’s eating my food! Just go ahead and eat.

What he was workng on was a carving. That’s ’cause the shop owners keep giving you free samples.