Check out Landi: Augellin (Arr. Voice & Electric Guitar) by Nora Fischer & Marnix Dorrestein on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now. Stefano Landi (baptized 26 February – 28 October ) was an Italian composer and teacher of the early Baroque Roman School. He was an influential . A song where this varied realization is obvious is Stefano Landi’s “Augellin.” Landi ( – ) was a minor composer of the early baroque.

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It was for the Barberini family that he wrote the work for which he is most famous, Sant’Alessio, inwhich was used to open the Teatro delle Quattro Fontane. At the initial performance, half of the singers were from the papal choir, and there were several soprano parts sung by other castrati. Curiously, Landi’s secular music is more conservative than most of his sacred music, and his first book of madrigalsfor five voices and basso continuois almost indistinguishable in style from many late 16th-century collections, except for the basso continuo part.

Sant’Alessio was one of the first staged dramatic works successfully to mix both the monodic and polyphonic styles.

Stefano Landi – “Augellin” – L’Arpeggiata, Marco Beasley Chords – Chordify

Most of the interspersed comic scenes, alndi, are anachronistically and hilariously drawn from contemporary life in 17th-century Rome. Retrieved from ” https: Little bird You chase your love All the time From beech tree to pine; Spreading the good word You strengthen My lament with your song. The lute intro picks up little kandi from the melody, cunningly interspersed with typical ornamental motifs, but the lute and guitar provide energetic and integrated support once the singer begins.

So far we have two rather different-sounding renditions of the same song. The translation is provided as an aid to musicians and audiences.


Sanabras delivers the song that way because she is primarily a popular singer.

Agostino Agazzari was maestro di cappella at the Seminario Romano, and landj may have been one of Landi’s teachers as well. Little bird Little bird You chase your love All the time From beech tree to pine; Spreading the good word You strengthen My lament with your song.

In he joined the Collegio Germanico in Rome as a boy soprano, and he may have studied with Asprilio Pacelli. Translations of early music texts.

In he had moved to the north of Italy, and published a book of five-voice madrigals at Venice ; apparently he had acquired a post as maestro di cappella at Padua. For more translations into English of early music texts, go to: Starting at about the time of J.

Augellin Che’l tuo amor Segui ogn’hor Dal faggio al pin; E spiegando i bei concenti Vai temprando Col tuo canto i miei lamenti. Augellin Augellin Che’l tuo amor Segui ogn’hor Dal faggio al pin; E spiegando i bei concenti Vai temprando Col tuo canto i miei lamenti.

She seems to feel freer to inhabit the character of the singer, to act it out. Views Read Edit View history. Throughout this period he was compositionally prolific, writing massesariasand responsoriesmostly in the seconda pratica style of the early Baroque, a decision which was controversial with some of the more conservative musicians, who thought the prima pratica — the style of Palestrina — more appropriate for sacred music.

Augellin che’l tuo amor

But especially in the s the balance of power in interpretation was much more heavily weighted in favor of the performers than in later music. See the copyright notice below. However he uses the Venetian concertato style for some of his motetsas well as his Magnificat and Vespers psalm settings, probably as a result of the years he spent in northern Italy.

Landi took minor orders in and began studying at the Seminario Romano in His other secular music consists of strophic airs, arias, and other songs for voice and basso continuo. His experience in Padua and Venice was essential for developing his style, since there he made contact with the work of the progressive Venetian School composers, whose music was generally avoided in conservative Rome.


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Fly on little bird And don’t shy away From making A new song; From your amorous breast Show in full Your joy, and my delight. I am putting one more link way down at the bottom, which I think most people should ignore. An interesting thing about the song is oandi it has no bass part written out at all, not even sketched. You can buy the whole wonderful album from Amazon. The lyrics are below, augellkn I think they repay a little attention.

In general, I like the stresses and dynamics of her singing best. This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat I suppose it could be sung as a solo a cappellabut every recording I have augellij heard created a bass part. It is the score of the song.

You can pretty much use whatever instruments you have lying around, and the bass part is usually only sketched, not written out. Publication of the translation in print or digital formats is expressly forbidden unless permission from the author has been first obtained and acknowledgement of authorship is duly made.

And I hope you found a new song for your listening joy, too!

Not only is it the first opera to be written on a historical subject, but it carefully describes the inner life of the saint, and attempts psychological characterization of a type new to opera. Sometimes old wine can be placed into new bottles, which I suppose the New Testament would find acceptable.

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