Laza K. Lazarevic: A Study in Theme Laza Kuzmanovic Lazarevic is generally considered one of the best .. he managed to publish the story ‘ Vetar’ in Ota. About Laza Lazarević: Laza K. Lazarević (Serbian Cyrillic: Лаза К. Лазаревић, May 1, January 10, ) was Serbian writer and Laza Lazarević, Vetar. LAZA LAZAREVIC – VETAR. 21 likes. Book. LAZA LAZAREVIC – VETAR. Privacy · Terms. About. LAZA LAZAREVIC – VETAR. Book. 21 people like this topic.

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He came very slowly to his full stature as a short story writer, however through a relatively short period of preparation as though it was instinctive with him. He came to hold, as a major conviction of his professional life, the view that the mind plays a far greater role in health and illness than his contemporaries realized. He was a pioneer in psychiatry and what would be called today psychosomatic medicine. He chose medicine as his profession only after completing his law studies in Belgrade, and made his way to Berlin in In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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He had seventy-two professional and scientific medical papers published, a great number of which referred to nervous diseases, such as paralysis agitanssclerosis of Medulla spinalisaphasia and others. Views Read Edit View history. To him literature was an avocation; yet he was very good at it and thought of himself as a man of letters. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


He is included in The most prominent Serbs. During his brief life, “the less than prolific opus ” enshrined him in Serbian literature as a writer who introduced the psychological story genre.

Laza Lazarević

After graduating, the post of “specialist doctor” at the General State Hospital in Belgrade awaited him. His works were translated in numerous languages. He founded the first modern geriatric hospital in Belgrade in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This page was last edited on 21 Octoberat He saw the greatest danger for Serbian society in the attacks on its patriarchal way of life, as manifested lazareevic “Prvi put s ocem na jutrenje” “The First Matins with My Father”.

It can be rightly argued that Dr.

LAZA LAZAREVIĆ by darija vucko on Prezi

He was also the first doctor to be sent by Serbia to Vienna in to learn how to prepare animal lymph. More directly in the main current of Serbian national literary development were the writers who undertook to apply the methods of critical realism, as these had been practiced by Russian and French masters, to lazzrevic Serbian scene.

Retrieved from ” https: Though he spoke and alza of himself as an amateur in letters, others thought otherwise, especially the literary critics who immediately recognized his genius. In that field he was one of the greatest figures of his time, pre-eminently distinguished and useful as a doctor, teacher, and a writer on both medical issues and literary themes.


He was 39, another author to fall victim to tuberculosis.

He was often referred to as the Serbian Turgenev. He translated the works of Nikolay Chernyshevsky and Ivan Turgenev. Inhe described, in the Serbian Archives, a sign that is now called after him and Dr.

This organization, which spun out the Serbian romantic movement, sought to unite all Serbs, whether of the Serbian principality, the Vojvodina or the European Turkish-controlled territories, in order to raise national consciousness and culture as a means of achieving the liberation of all Serbian-speaking peoples into a greater, cosmopolitan Serbia after all Serbian lazarevlc in the hands of the Habsburg and Ottomans lazarefic redeemable to their rightful inhabitants and landowners according to law.