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Those that do not have the privilege of having as jurisdiction that of their nationality are all those that belong to the exceptional personnel or in other words tourists, visitors, etc.

Kennan registered it in his celebrated “long telegram” and in the Foreign Affairs article titled: A ntarctic Treaty, International Custom, Antarctic protection mechanisms. In the concrete case of the Antarctic Treaty, it is enough to remember that this took place precisely because there was no agreement about the way in which the Antarctic territory should be used and, accordingly, we dare to assert that the conduct of the states that struggled for this territory was an expressed objection 65 that contradicted the principles of its peaceful usage.

What would happen if some state that is not party is unaware of the provisions in the Antarctic Treaty, or if a state party to the treaty denounces it and subsequently claims to not recognize the institutionality of Antarctica?

This proposal was not accepted for a long time.

Eminent responsibility for environmental emergencies. Of course, other NGOs exist such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society whose role in protecting the Antarctic environment is not as institutionalized as the ASOC, but rather has an active role through which it exercises “direct action” 52 practices. The first stance laid out the creation of ” an international mechanism to organize cooperation in Antarctica that would be restricted, in general, to the directly involved countries “, Ddl second stance ” contemplated forms of internationalization based on practical criteria that involved the cooperation of specific fields of activity “, and the third position consisted of a ” general internationalization of Antarctica, within the scope of the United Nations, or the creation of a special organization “.

This mechanism of National Jurisdiction and Immediate Consultations are backed by the Consultative Meetings, which will be dealt with further along, but some practical cases that have been presented have revealed serious deficiencies, such as those in the following examples: Not only are the developed states represented, but also the developing states and those recently made independent or created, in such a way that having approved the resolutions these states cannot claim that they are persistent objectors, nor that in their arriving later, jelpinek this case to the Antarctic Treaty, they could not make some objection or find fault.

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Following this, 14 articles are included that form the base for the regulation of the current Antarctic System of which the Antarctic Treaty is its cornerstone. Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty, This pronouncement expressed the following: The Antarctic Treaty took place during a period of change in the concept of international relations, as a result of jelkinek general weariness with war during World War II and individual decisions made by states that led to it.


When considering that South Africa had been suspended from the United Nations General Assembly, the final text of the resolution on the ” Question of Antarctica ” in this session deals in a benevolent way with the condemnation of South Africa in the following terms: This principle is that of consensus in the making of decisions that is concretely seen in the Consultative Meetings Article IX, A. Given the above, we consider that it is not viable to assert that the Antarctic Treaty, mainly regarding its peaceful usage, geor be considered as a crystallizer for rulings of customary law since, given the events previous to the signing of this treaty, there were no legal elements to think possible the emergence of a custom being crystallized through the treaty.

Comprendiendo el Estado

International Scientific Cooperation and exchange of: Thus, if there is rule of law, it is obligatory according to the principle of legality. Consultative and Non-Consultative Parties.

The literal meaning of jellknek. Accessed April 15, Advisory Opinion on the legality of the threat or use of nuclear weapons: It consists in determining if, in the case that pibro mechanisms of mentioned treaty that are meant to protect the rel protected rights should fail, it could be argued that the Antarctic Treaty, especially the principal of the peaceful usage of Antarctica, constitutes a custom in international law and, therefore, it is the source of valid law enforceable against third party states that are not party to the Antarctic Treaty.

The crystallizer effect assumes that there is a custom that crystallizes 60 a customary rule through the adoption of a treaty. In the case of controversy over exercising jurisdiction, a mechanism of Immediate Consultation is sustained with the objective of reaching a mutually acceptable solution.

We consider that with the Antarctic Treaty a constant and uniform practice has been progressively created with regard to the peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory without sovereignty, while, in turn, creating respect for the freedom of scientific investigation.

Peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory Article I, A. Prepared by the author based on the resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization. Their participation in these instances represents a contribution for the protection of the Antarctic territory since it advises and plays an active role in the environmental polices and the Antarctic fishing.

According to the conviction of the day, decisions in international material should be collective and concerted instead of being made individually and based on political force. Villamizar ; Hemmings ; Tvedt Among the activities where the legally protected interest is the entire Antarctic territory and, therefore, their practice is banned, it can be found: A proposal for dealing with jurisdictional uncertainty and lack of effective enforcement”, Emory International Law Review Vol. This treaty contains some mechanisms that, until now, have been effective in protecting the Antarctic territory.

On one hand, for certain activities the legal interest is the territory that is regulated by the Geofg Treaty, this is to the south of 60th parallel Article IV, Antarctic Treaty and, on the other hand, there are activities where the legally protected interest is the environment in Antarctica. The first proposal consisted in putting Antarctica under a genrral of the United Nations Organization and the second proposal, that excluded the then Soviet Union, consisted in a limited internationalization of Antarctica by way of a condominiumin which the states that laid claim would have collective sovereignty in accordance with the norms of international public law and the international experience in material dating back to the 12th century B.


It should continue to expect that Soviet politics do not reflect any abstract of both peace and stability, no real faith in the possibility of a happy, permanent coexistence of the socialist and capitalist worlds, but rather more like a careful, persistent teroia aimed at perturbing and debilitating the influence and power of the rival.

Estado moderno soberania

Subsequently, in addition to the twelve states that were the original signers, 38 states have joined and formed a group of 50 member states of the Antarctic Treaty divided into two categories: Jellinsk the case of the non-privileged, the mechanism to determine the applicable jurisdiction is that of the Consultations, for which one should in principle turn to the custom of international public law in jeellinek to define the applicable jurisdiction.

On the specifics, see Dumberry p.

The convention establishes as a measure of conservation “the rational usage” of living resources. Under this framework, in the case that a controversy should arise between two or more Contracting Parties concerning the interpretation or the implementation of the treaty: However, given that not all the states that are members of the Teorla Nations Organization are part of the Antarctic Treaty and the complementary treaties or that some state party can denounce the Antarctic Treaty, the research question that we are attempting to address in this article emerges.

In addition to diplomatic, economic, and military power that the Antarctic Treaty member states possess, jelllinek very serious aspect to consider is teoris coherence among the members of the Antarctic Treaty in materials concerning the subject matter of Antarctica since, despite the possible internal struggles within the group, the states parties have proven to be accomplices when faced with concerning challenges in the Antarctic System.

Spanier illustrates this change with the following words from former President Roosevelt ” new international relations should mean the end of a system of unilateral actions, exclusive alliances, spheres of influence, balance of power, and all the other measures that have been attempted throughout the centuries and that have always failed … we propose the substitution of all of this for a universal organization in which all the nations lovers of teoriq will have every possibility to unite ” The natural wealth of its territorial mass is believed to be considerable and its coastal zones contain important sources of food … The Government of India considers that in order to strengthen universal peace, it would be appropriate and timely for all nations to agree and assert that the area will be used as a jwllinek for peaceful means and for the general well-being ” Measures of a military character Article I, A.