had to read Primal Kiss by Lora Leigh first. It was fab as she is always! Bleeding Heart, by Michelle Rowen is the continuation of another novel Nightshade, and. Breeds – Hawkes Prüfung (Breeds-Serie) by Lora Leigh — not in English Common Knowledge, A Jaguar’s Kiss by Primal by Lora Leigh, “Primal Kiss” Ok. En utilisant ce service et le contenu associé, vous acceptez l’utilisation des cookies à des fins d’analyse, de publicités et de contenus.

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The “Common Knowledge” section now includes a “Series” field. But it intrigued me so much that it makes me want to try the first in the series so I can really understand her characters better. This definitely needs to be resolved! I really don’t like it when an author puts part of such a large series into an anthology, forcing the reader to buy content they don’t want in addition to the one story klss do want.

Primal Kiss

The primary characters in Michelle Rowen ‘s ” Bleeding Heart ” are a dhampyr half-human, half-vampireDeclanwho hunts rogue vampires for an organization and his charge, Jill. That added with some great action and two characters that jump right off the page, I have no complaints.

She licked her lips. I don’t read angel stories.

If you want to force a particular order, use the character to divide the number and the descriptor. I kept thinking, where is the rest of the story?! I think everyone will enjoy the stories by Ava Gray and Lora Leigh.


Primal Kiss by Lora Leigh – FictionDB

This story was short and sweet. But Creed’s priorities may well be tested if – as he has come to suspect – kixs is his mate.

Hot for the Holidays [Anthology] by Lora Leigh. I haven’t read one of her books in awhile and I was hoping for something without a sassy heroine. Lawe’s Justice by Lora Leigh. Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce the 51st and 52nd shades of gray: Bleeding Heart picks up a few days after Nightshade ends.

Return to Book Page. Lion’s Heat by Lora Leigh. Each author has their own voice which makes this anthology an uneven if good mix. I thoroughly enjoyed Creed and Kita’s story.

Having taken over a number of cities, humans must bond themselves as blood-slaves or companions to the human child ren of a vampire. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere leivh of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place. If you have read previous Jory Strong books, then this one might flow quite well for you. Soul Deep by Lora Leigh. I did like the Lora Lor novella 4 stars. Unused to a woman accepting him, Silas and Juneau have an uneasy trek which is made worse when Silas has to use his power to gather supplies.

Tales of the Demon World. Dec 02, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: The heroine is named Jill. I did not end up finishing The only novella worth reading was the Lora Leigh story.

There were past characters in the story and a lot of fun. Primal Kiss – Rated: Harmony’s Way by Lora Leigh. As such, it does not feel like a leighh story by itself because of the jiss abrupt ending. That’s my only quibble. There are angels, djinn and vampires, this is my first story by this author so it may be connected to her other stories. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.


When Addai finds the girl Sajiaalthough she thinks she is human, she is really a Djinn trapped in a human form. Psychic powers to be used for good or evil? The man looked tough, like a bouncer or a bodyguard. Really enjoyed this book.

Series: The Breeds

It’s 23 in The Breeds series. It’s not all that short, either. Major problem for Sajia as she could lose her life…brutally…as well as see harm come to her family.

The purpose of them should be to entice new readers to the series and get them to start from the beginning. For me, it was just ok. Jun 29, Mspink rated it really liked it.

But Gray included some very interesting tidbits here and there. She snorted at that, censure gleaming her eyes.

Fallen angels, dijins, vampires in a post apocalyptic world catches my attention. Juneau’s family is warmly accepting, and I’m curious as to how their existence fits into the story.

The mating heat continues to evolve with each book and affects each mated pair differently, this one is no exception.