However, he demands to recover the body of Essam, which will require him to stay one more day. Sayid then makes a trade with Locke for Charlotte, whom he brings back to Jack and the helicopter. What was it like shooting his watery demise? Apparently some of them became Others as well, like the former flight attendant Cindy. What kind of damage would an explosion from a hydrogen bomb create? Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows! Why is Walt special and why did he appear to other survivors dripping wet?

We saw the first real sign tonight that Kate may still have strong feelings for Jack, as she sobbed to him on the beach after the sub exploded: How old is Jacob? Retrieved from ” https: How did the ship end up in the middle of the jungle and what happened to the crew? What trouble has Side-Jin gotten himself into? Sayid is ordered to head back to their camp. During the season we’ll scour the new episodes for answers to our plus questions below and post those along with the NEW questions each episode poses every couple of weeks.

Sayid Jarrah

Apparently some of them became Others as well, like the former flight attendant Cindy. According to the Feb. And yes, it was too late, but why didn’t Jacob save Dogen? In the Sideverse, does it mean anything that Lost verse dead folks such as Arzt and Ethan keep popping up, or are the Lost producers llst messing with our minds?

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A person named Sami recognizes Sayid as the man who tortured his wife with boiling ddies, and attempts to beat a confession out of him. The Locke-ness Monster tells Sawyer that each of them was chosen by Jacob to be a candidate to take over his job of protecting the island and their lives were manipulated so that they’d end up on the island. The theories that he was actually the Smoke Monster were right, and we found that out wpisode very dramatic fashion when the Locke-ness Monster transformed into the Monster spisode smoked Jacob’s Bodyguards under the four-toed statue.


According to the Locke-ness Monster, Richard was in chains at some point, but we still don’t know who’s prisoner he was. When they cast him, all Andrews was told was that Sayid was from Iraq and had been in the army. The only Iraqi in his squad who can speak English, Sayid is forced to ask his superior officer about a missing U.

In case you were reaching for another Kleenex during the final hospital scene in tonight’s episode, you should know that Jin did indeed walk by in the background episofe Jack was talking to Locke. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Why is Walt special and why did he appear to other survivors dripping wet? But the crew was considerate and made loost water warm for us, in more ways than one.

The jury is still out, but he certainly seems gooder than Smokey Locke, who we’re now calling the Locke-ness Monster.

Does Jacob ask Hurley to turn the lighthouse wheel to number because that’s what the mystery numbers add up to? Sayid runs out the back door but Detective James Ford trips him up, holds him at gunpoint and arrests him. Keamy tries to get him to pay Eepisode debt, but Sayid uses one of the men as a human shield then shoots Keamy and the other henchman.

Don’t know who, but we’re thinking it’s bad. Thank you for subscribing. Our Locke is alive in the new Sideverse. Sayid agrees, but by this time he mentions he is devoid of any emotion: How did the Sideverse island djes up under water? At a press conference held by Oceanic Airlines Sayid is finally reunited with Nadia, and some time later the two get married. Side Deis ended up in a cab being kidnapped by an escaping Kate. In the meantime, use the message boards below to start the discussion — and express your grief.

Why did the Temple Others freak when they learn Jacob’s was dead? Hurley then drives Sayid to sayir Flightline Motel and offers him a tranquilizer gun to remind him of their previous adventures there.

Where does the donkey wheel come from and how does it work?


Why was the Locke-ness Monster “disappointed” in everyone on the beach? Oh, and DVR it. What’s the Smoke Monster, and what’s its deal? He also met Kelvin Inman who was working for military intelligence. The Locke-ness Monster told Ben that Jacob knew he was beaten, but we think there’s more to it than that.

That night, Sayid shoots his target accurately, but ultimately winds up captured by the remaining three Others. Let it be known that when Hurley loses it, the world list it. Might it have something to do with the Island, the “cork” that harnesses all evil, being buried under water? They are able to land on the ship, but are quickly informed that the ship is about to explode.

Sayid accepts, and is dropped off in Australia, where he meets with his former college roommate, Essam, from Cairo University. In Jacob’s lair, why are losg mysterious numbers next to the survivor’s names on cave roof? And what about diws Side son, David?

Does this mean that the Man In Black actually orchestrated Sayid’s “infected” resurrection by posing as Jacob and asking Hurley to take Sayid to the Temple save his life?

Sayid surmises that Rousseau intends to attempt an exchange of Claire’s baby for her own child, Alex, with the “Others”.

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Screw Leo and Kate. Sayid’s first appearance on the island takes place inwhen he vanished along with Jack, Kate, and Hurley en route from Peisode Angeles to Guam on Ajira Flight The four later arrive at the Others’ barracks, where they watch as Jack bonds with the Others. Apparently it threw the surviving Survivors into an alternate past, djes we’re calling the Sideverse. What’s going on with the pregnancies? Locke Is a “Candidate” in the Sideways World. She believes they still have Aaron.

What happened to Claire!