Get the latest live position for the MAERSK ASSISTER. You can also check the schedule, technical details and many more. MAERSK ASSISTER is a Offshore supply vessel built in by VOLKSWERFT. Current status: Laid up. Formerly also known as MAERSK ASSISTER. It’s gross. June 12th, UTC, Frederikshavn. June 12th, UTC, Frederikshavn. June 2nd, UTC, Gdansk.

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Here, rig chain is seen running from the vessels winch and aft out over the main deck, through the guide pins. Now slowly towing the oil rig together with the supply vessel Bourbon Surf.

When paying out heavily loaded wire the motors naturally do not consume power.

Not all work carried out by AHTS vessels involves large winches and powerful hydraulic machinery. The Maersk Assister is also equipped assisger a number of tanks capable of holding such products for transport and delivery to oil rigs and platforms. Notice the tunnel for the bow thruster. A different angle yet still in the aft part of the bridge.

In stead of the rig having the loose end of the chaser wire, this can also be bouyed off above the anchor. You must be logged in to access VV Cousins. Notice the broken wire socket! The bridge equipment includes two radars, an electronic navigational chart display as well as controls for main engines, thrusters etc. Moller has a total of 4 ships like Maersk Assister in the Danish ship registry, and 2 more are to follow for the British ship registry.

When assistre main engines are not running, power is supplied from two smaller auxulliary diesel engines.

Maersk to Lay Up Two More Anchor Handlers – gCaptain

Platforms, on the other hand, are larger units usually constructed on-site with a fixed support resting on the seabed. When the oil rig is moored the chaser ring os pulled back up the anchor chain all the way back to the rig where the “chaser wire” connected to the chaser ring is kept on board while moored.


Occasionally the First Officer gets a go at it too. You must be logged in to access VV Forecasting. A look at the main anchor handling winch cabable of pulling up to tons! The anchor chain can also be seen hanging from the winch onboard the rig.

AHTS Mærsk Assister

Days after this picture was taken, I signed off the ship. Instead they generate power, the largest part of which is cunsumed by a number of ballast resistors. Each gear then has an individual output shaft connected to a propeller, giving the ship two main propellers. Here we see the port side main propeller.

Maersk to Lay Up Two More Anchor Handlers

The two electric motors in the foreground turn the azimuth. In this particular situation, the anchor chain broke during the retrieval procedure notice that there is no anchor chain connected to the anchor.

The semi submersible drilling unites are moved several times a year and carry out the initial drilling at a new oil production site. Note the end of the rig’s anchor chain locked in the shark jaws. When wire rope runs into the water from marrsk ship these rollers will be turned by the wire if the weight in the wire is great enough of course.

MAERSK ASSISTER, Offshore supply vessel, IMO | Vessel details |

The aft end “opening” of the winch garage, on the foreward most part of the working deck. This mmaersk is only available to registered users Register to get real time information regarding freight, valuations aesister much more.

The wire or chain placed on the bottom could be the loose end of a chaser wire, see the anchor handling procedure for details or it could maaersk be an anchor with connected anchor chain placed on the bottom due to lack of onboard stowage space during anchor handling operations. Located in the forward part of the whinch garrage we see one of the two “cable lifters”, a wheel connected to the towing whinches for handling anchor chains. From this position the ship is manoeuvrered during anchor handling operations.


The vessel on dry ground in the floating dock in Fredericia, Denmark. The winches are driven by up to four direct current electric motors. They were used for all kinds of operations, for instance loading of stores and provision, storing of cargo on the top of the winch garage etc. The following pictures are all taken by me, Ebbe Holsting, and are copyrighted. A view of port side from the main deck aft.

This is the “towing bridle”, an arrangement in which the rig can be towed. The quays in Aberdeen are not equipped with fenders, so they were very needed.

Principal data are as follows:. This is not a valuation certificate. By submitting your details you agree to our Privacy Statement.

Excess gasses escaping from the drill site are burned off here. Also notice that the vessel is NOT equipped with a bulbous bow.

Rigs are either the semi-submersible oil rigs moored by anchors as described on this site or jack-up rigs similar to the Ensco 71 above. The function however remains the same. The wooden blocks supporting the vessel while in dock are seen here. Just for the sake of comparison I had this picture taken where Mearsk am standing beside the 22 ton anchor.

Having a look at “the lady” from abaft.