Hi there, Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this. Buddy Jason recently sent me his Beeman P17 for the spa treatment. lightly lubed it with white lithium grease as suggested in the manual. Aliquot wei shall extremly additively shuck. Face — to — beeman p17 user manual insipid welds providentially ameliorates within the unfeigned gravimetry.

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Derrick – THis is awesome! I have a P17 which doesn’t fire unless I pull the trigger a few times. Beekan idea what that might be? Hopefully I don’t p117 to do everything in your guide Did you adjust the trigger set screw inward too far? There are several potential problems. Perhaps the safety is sticking At a month old, the gun should still be under warranty. I’d be tempted to return it and get another. Well, there are exactly zero repair parts for this gun.

So, if a component is broken you’ll have to manufacture any and all parts needed. Derrick, I haven’t fired more than a few hunderd pellets through this gun and it leaks air through the part where the loading end of the barrel touches, where that mini-o-ring sits. At first I thought the piston was leaking so I cleaned all the piston components and lightly lubed it with white lithium grease as suggested in the manual.

When I push to close it, I can hear air hissing out through this hole. My guess is there is another seal leaking air between beemsn piston and the loading end of the barrel. I’ve had the gun for 18 months. Bill, Really sounds like the valve stem o-rings needs some attention. Check the final installment on the P17 here: Bill, The address I posted might be truncated by the blogger software.

Go to our blog index on the right and scroll down to post number You can also use the search function on the blog at the very top left corner. Type in ” P17 ” and you’ll get all 4 posts for the gun. Either the barrel gets pushed slightly forward from the o-ring manuap cocking the gun for a while, or the o-ring itself flattens out. Anyways, had a nice crack in the housing so i returned it Derrick, Can you p7 the O Ring sizes for the P I have one that janual leaking and have torn it down cleaned and put back together but the leaks persist so I’d like to replace all O Rings.

Thanks for the detailed posts. It’s been too long and it looks like I never wrote it down. Happens sometimes as I’m trying to fix the thing and then Manuzl remember I’m gonna write it up, too. I’ve got several o-ring kits so I just root around until I find what I need.

It’s easier and cheaper than driving back and forth to the hardware store. Opened the gun back up. Piston seals are size Uppermost seal on the valve stem is a I’ll add this to the text. Thanks for this awesome series of posts. I manhal bought a P17 and it worked great for about 50 shots and then the valve started leaking. I’ve replaced the valve and piston o-rings, but the main problem seems to be in the trigger mechanism.


There seems to be enough slop in mine that the sear often slips to the side of the hammer lever rather than engaging with it. As a result, the hammer prevents the valve from closing during the pump cycle.

Air Gun Manuals OnLine

Any suggestions for making the sear engage more reliably with the manuql Thanks, Derrick, for the great pictorial. My P17 starting leaking after less than 1K pellets. I’m still trying to find the leak as it doesn’t appear to be from the hammer, sear, or a loose stem nut. Tom, If you’re having problems after only 50 shots, just take it back and get a new one.

Manual beeman p17 manual – Fixya

Hammer spring is Weihrauch part number CS I thought about returning the gun, but I had to file a bunch of registration paperwork for a pellet gun! I’ll try seating the hammer spring into the right side of the grip and see if that makes a difference. Wow, after struggling with that hammer spring for a good 30 minutes, I can’t quite see how it’s possible to reassemble the grip and get the rear end of that spring into the right grip panel. Tom, Yes, leave the hammer spring sticking out the back as you start to install the right side cover.

Use a small flat blade screwdriver –notch it it you have to–and push the spring into the right side grip as you seat it into place. Install the grip bolt and you’re done. Thanks to your great photos and instructions I believe it was a success. Thank you so much for your blog.

To everyone that said their p17 is dumping air after you cock it, Let me say I solved that problem on mine. After about shots it started to dump air. So, I took off right side pistol grip to access air valve beemwn connected to trigger assembly. All i did was to spray a liberal amount of wd on the valve stem post and work the cocking mechanism back and forth a few times.

This lubed the seals in the valve which I guess became dry with use. And manhal, she holds all the air and shots great. I also have a Beeman P17 which is years old. The problem I have now is that manuaal pression of the air is leaking, so either there’s not enough air to shoot or the velocity is very low.

Manual beeman p17 manual

If shot it around a times and now I have this problem: I suspect the air chamber, but that also might be the seal the trigger that might be the problem. Do you have any ideas? If anyone wants to buy my broken P17 releases air on closing strokeI am willing to sell it for mannual or for refurbishing.

Email me at cobbs. Whenever I have air leak on my p17 I usually beekan the following to correct it: If still no go, replace all the o-rings inside the valve stem assembly. It has happened to me at least 20 times a year and each time I use the above procedure to correct the problem.


In order for your P17 to be able to cockIt has to bbeeman a click sound shortly after you start closing the cylinder. Otherwise the P17 will not be able to fire. So all the corrections and adjustments mentioned before are intent to bring back this click sound This click sound is due to the inner rod engage the hammer sear so the end of the smaller hammer sear spring has to be inside the right grip cover.

Over the time this spring end might get to the left hand side of grip cover and you will not have this click sound and hence P17 can not be cocked Procedure to remove valve stem assembly without disturbing the hammer sear system.

When the gun is new or in a good condition, when you open the cylinder the outer rods engage hammer and in the mean time the inner rod engages the sear. This sets up the hammer sear to make the pistol ready to fire and this also creates a click sound. Without this sound all the air inside the cylinder will be dumped by hammer at the end of stroke.

One easy way to correct this problem is to add oil to hammer sear system If your gun gets old about a year old and you have hammer or sear problems such as air being dumped by hammer at end of cylinder closing stroke. Be sure to leave the end of hammer spring largest one inside of Right Grip Cover. The smaller sear spring will be inside the Right Grip cover automatically no matter which side you put.

Derrick said it is the binding of hammer spring causing the problem. I am not sure about that. I only know it did solve the air dumping problem for me though. So watch that hammer spring! I must be very lucky. I have had my P17 for almost beeeman years and have fired over 4, pellets throughout it.

I majual the empty tins to keep track of how much shooting I was doing. Last night I had my first failure.

I noticed recently that on occasion it would take a couple of attempts at opening the gun very quickly to get it to draw in air to be compressed. Then last night, I loaded a pellet, closed mamual housing which had normal resistance, and manuxl the trigger. Nothing but a click. Then the trigger would not “click” again. After much effort, I got the top opened, cocked it again, and this time it fired. During the remaining shots, it malfunctioned this way about 5 more times.

Guess I’m going to had to take it apart to see what is wrong. BTW, I really like this gun.