She curses Mike’s wife, Jackie, so that their baby will die. A loving daughter named Sandy always helps her mother in their eatery. Member feedback about Los Bastardos: One day, the fairy doll grants their wishes by switching up the characters of the two. A true love’s kiss could break the curse by saying “I love you” to each other. It gives the user the ability to have additional parts of the body like more hands and feet Shakti. Jessica Mendiola Tawile born December 3, [1] is a Filipino actress. Maria Date of Released:

Pam is a girl who neglects all of her pets because of her longing for her overseas working mother. It will teach fellow kids about the importance of proper nutrition. She tried to catch all her 28 teeth. She eventually dropped from the program due to showbiz commitments. Early life Mendiola was born in Dubai, where her father used to work. Class of “, released in She soon realize that beauty lies within the goodhearted people.

It revolves around the life of Eric, a disobedient young boy who doesn’t want to be controlled by others.

The lesson is about brushing your teeth everyday. Hannah Sharlene San Pedro is always into her gadgets. Tanya has also copied her habit. Suddenly, Kwin’s wish had come true when she saw a butterfly, but later realized that she had turned into a fairy. How will Ylia’s life change when she gets to meet and discovers Kiko’s real personality? But during Season 2, it had now transformed into an afternoon mini-series as part of the Haponstatic block Komiks TV series topic Komiks lit.

Sison — election leave ; —present History Kapag May Katwiran He reunites with his fat The adventures of Chokee and Sisay as they come through several obstacles. His tikbalang traits have 3 gold hair strands.

MMK Episode on September 5, Features Joseph Marco & Sue Ramirez

When Super K noticed that the giant octopus followed her, she immediately made a hole to hide the magical pearl but she forgot to bury it. Belle is a foster girl longing for the love of her adoptive family who accidentally became a superhero. But even before her family celebrates noche buena, Madelyn was forced to leave their house to attend to an emergency situation in a carnival where she will meet the statues of Christmas characters that will magically turn to life.


As she continues to be self-centered, Pinay becomes greedier when she is given a magical feather that makes the sizes of the things around her a lot bigger.

It airs on weekdays from 5: Meet Tonyo, a boy who was electrocuted which gives him electric powers to help people who are in danger and in which he will fall in love with a news reporter named Penelope.

When she receives a magical goldfish producing golden pellets, Pam overuses her pet’s extraordinary ability thinking that wealth will make her family whole again. Despite living without her family, her boyfriend Thor brings her constant joy.

MMK Episode on September 5, 2015 Features Joseph Marco & Sue Ramirez

Because of his desire to get the acceptance of Marian’s father, Joey wishes on a magical Christmas ornament to provide him with beautiful decorations and delicious food for the special visit of Marian’s family. Gellie is a young girl who is longing for the attention of her parents who are too busy with their jobs. Later on, a mysterious old woman will teach him a lesson and make him realize that water should be conserved.

Episodes From season 1 to 7, Your Song had weekly episodes featuring songs as title and theme. Lucky Season 7, to get a chance to meet his celebrity crush in the Philippines, Liza Soberano.

Member feedback about Jon Lucas actor: One day, she discovers the secret of a magical flower.

His guardian angel Denise Laurel accidentally fell from the sky but will try to change him from having a bitter to a happy life. Hanna is cursed by her mother’s former boyfriend, Mario. Miko Jairus Aquino is a very irresponsible boy when it comes sefish returning the stuff he borrows from others. Carl is a young man who wants to forget the memories of his family.

Mike wanted to cut the mysterious tree in his house, but an old man warns him that he should never swptember the tree. A statue named Enero Panadero was given a power to help anyone he wanted, but also a nmk that he must return to his place before moonrise, or he will disintegrate and turn to dust.

List of Wansapanataym episodes | Revolvy

Adam is a womanizer who dates every girl all at once. It’s up to them to undo the curse, but must switch their episofe to do that. Annika makes sure not to get wet as she could cause a mess of colors. Bechay decided to join the dancing competition with her magic shoes.


Caroline KC Septembeg and her sister Ponsi are forced into domestic servitude under their evil relatives after their father, Dado, is falsely accused of stealing jewelry. Can Nanding undo his curse and his cruelty to nature? It is dubbed as Si Pedro Penduko at ang mga E As she continues to take sleep for granted, three sleeping fairies punished Maan, making her fall asleep, whenever, wherever and whatever she is doing.

Despite warnings from his family, Jairo and Raven continue becoming friends. Philippine anthology television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Philippine drama television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Philippine drama Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

When she discovered the secret of a woman who e;isode cursed to become a flower named Dahlia, Yayo promised that she will keep the secret if she will be cured from her asthma. Beauty likes saying bad things to the poor and ugly people, especially to three ugly girls. In turn, she helps the toys.

Truman will realize that the one who will truly loved him will be someone he already knows. Abarinding Queenie Padillais a dwarf who likes Mel Ejay Falcon when she saw him when they were young.


Terry and Isay are beauty pageant rivals who have different talents: A special Father’s day episode about Ian Mark, a young boy who was solely raised by his father.

However, the young man’s mother disapproves of their relationship and even threatens Jasmin, which forces them to part ways. Has a similarity to Clockstoppers. She buys four herbal medicines from a herbal shop and mixed all four for her to drink.