You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Episodes by odilettante. It’s communication awkwardness, seems to be the theme for this show. He asks if they lost. As for Seol-chan, he recalls a most painful memory: Now that he has shown all other less favourable qualities, if she still likes him, they can start over. But before Seol-chan can pride himself in weaseling his way out of the situation, CEO Go plays his final card:

Then the writer explains the story on Se-yi is a juicy one, completely unaware that Se-yi is just around the corner. I was looking for something to watch while waiting for Gu Family Book and decided to just see what Monstar is about. Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi – these are a joy to read! She tries to hint to Se-yi that this temporary setup only lasts as long as Se-yi intends to stay. Well the bullying started before the show, but what we know is that Do Nam let the other bully his former buddy. I just re-watched it — Joon Hee’s voice isn’t strong enough to duet and actually muddies HyoRin’s.

It was kind of tacky. She starts to sweat bullets as Seol-chan approaches her.

I’m glad I watched this show because I loved how the music was introduced with such a normal way, rather than those fake American musicals where people appear out of nowhere to join the song and the dance Can it be a deranged trio?

Also Kim NaNa needs her own show! I like how he comforted Se-yi, even saying that verse.

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Enz July 2, at 9: He appears all grown up on the outside, and because of his mother he has to be or at least thinks so but seriously, on the inside he is just as much a dng as the rest of the bunch.

I actually felt he’s been rather accomodating to her wishes thus far by agreeing to xub play dates. I’m jumping onboard this ship. The sing-off was of course sheer awe!

There were, of course, times when I mondtar her frustrating when it came to Seol-chan and Sun-woo, but this is the same frustration I often find in any other heroine in dramaland. Perhaps it was not that SW simply revealed SC’s adoption to his mother, but probably that he told his mother that SC’s adoptive mother had at one point returned SC to the orphanage.


My fellow K-Drama Addicts, It has come to my attention that dramacrazy. A lot of the viki viewers were also saying that it felt like they were hoping for a possibility of a 2nd season. Thanks for the recap. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to hear much of Kim Min Young Shim Eun Habut from what we heard, she has a solid voice and definitely the presence.

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Ahhh, to be young and at the top of your game. Thanks so much for the recaps! This show is so refreshingly cute. Watch ‘ Monstar ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

But Sun-woo stands montsar and reminds her that he only believes what he sees: So when the informant says that the demo CD was J. Then Sun-woo stops to invite her to sing the duet together. This drama is terribly adorable. Gah so many beautiful moments. Hyorin’s Amazing Grace rendition was weak. Or simply serious stuff but necessarily tragic ending?

She bends down to pick up a rogue spool and cuts her already injured hand. All the kids are so talented and are either really playing all the instruments gooddra,a are good enough to fake it really well — bad fake playing is the worst in music scenes.

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Since they did that, some of the plot points were dropped in the middle and it was frustrating when thinking back at a certain scene and thinking “if only this section was edited a certain way we might have been able to explore it more. What can I say about this monstrosity? And then in ep 12 the song.


What do you think? Mobstar out the victim is a different girl, who is so overwhelmed by his concern that she creepily whispers in his ear, and then forcibly kisses him. Not that his other option is any better, and he soon finds himself sitting in a car, unable to bring himself to meet the hospitalized fangirl.

But my eyes glazed over, it was so lifeless and dull. I loved her character too, but come on. He totally looks like an Adam as he follows the girls at sng distance it sounds creepier than it actually is, I knowwaiting to catch Se-yi alone.

Sun-woo introduces himself, and surprises Se-yi when he readily calls her by name. But I just about loved all the other moments in this episode! JRoseLacroix May 22, at 8: You could sense en their hearts were ready Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Da Hee, is just Rng Thank you for giving us an open-ended ending.

He misinterprets her frankness about her lack of fluency in the language as an attempt to pull one over his head. I would like to find out more about why Se Yi had been crying, gooddramw after talking with ajhussi. I dun understand Korean and have to rely on subbed versions.

Whether they win or not — and since sweaty vice principal is doing the judging, the odds are stacked against them — is not important to me. Cry as you sing. I would have booddrama see to the scene where Seol Chan asked his manager to drop him and Se Yi off at his house that would have been such a funny scene.

It makes it a little more precious to me, like a rare treat that’s to be savored.