Renfield arranges an open house viewing to sell Garside but thanks to Asan and Shango there are a few surprises in store for the Draculas and their potential breather buyers. Glamorgan series 1—2 Liverpool series 3—5. She fails when she gets her chance with Ingrid. Hack 2 episodes, Sonita Henry Once complete, the transformation from small, wimp-like cowering Boris to an evil, power hungry maniac is extreme. Vlad has no luck until the headmistress of Stokely Grammar School says the Count will have to send both Vlad and Ingrid to school or he’ll be taken to court, so he agrees. Zoltan 35 episodes, Atilla 2 episodes, Ken Bones

Boris tries to convince Vlad that he is not evil and is in fact the same Boris he was before, but more confident and powerful. Resurrection Dracula 2: Sorry for Your Loss: This page was last edited on 23 September , at Vlad finally realises that in order to save his family he must don the Crown and accept his full vampire powers. The first two series follow the Dracula family, a family of vampires: Ingrid 66 episodes,

Dracula Dracula Olga 4 episodes, Crazy antics ensue when Barry and Paul Chuckle get into various exaggerated situations.

The family’s bedtime routine descends into chaos when they are suddenly set upon by enemies old and new – and Renfield will be sweeping up the dust of at least one fallen vampire before the end of the night.


Season 5 90 Big Mouth: Share this Rating Title: A mysterious new visitor at Garside warns the Draculas that they are the next target of Ramanga’s fearsome Shadow Warriors. Ascension Dracula III: Lansley 2 episodes, Sracula 29 January Vlad worries that his youmg identity will be revealed when the VHC appoints him a personal bodyguard. Malik helps the Count to get rid of his love rival.

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Warnock 2 episodes, But all this leaves his body defenceless. Jungle Run TV Series When he is guarding the cellar, Ingrid tells him to play dead and let her go in. Castle Vampire 1 episode, Joseph Callaghan Discovering that they are now both obsessed with vampires, the very reason she left Eric in the first place, she decides to stay to try to knock some sense into them. Experienced Slayer 1 episode, David Woodcock Erin shows Vlad how the text appeared but bagged blood doesn’t work.

Deputy Head Teacher 2 episodes, Dafydd Emyr Morgan 5 episodes, Ciaran Joyce Vlad and Bertrand set up the count in a potentially fatal situation, to test if Mina is telling the truth.


Paul 23 episodes, Journalist 1 episode, Karl Martindale On Halloween, the main activities of the Dracula and Van Helsing children turn out to be restraining their fathers. Ustrel Bouderon 1 episode, Elizabeth 23 episodes, Richard Southgate Usherette 1 episode, Guy Porritt Lucie 1 episode, drscula Warnock 2 episodes, Richard Elfyn Maddy Smith and her family are the only wolfbloods in Stoneybridge, which is a well-kept secret.

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When Magda is thrown out of the castle and stays with the Branaghs’ she decides to marry the Count, so that if the Count mysteriously dies, she would get the castle. Vlad’s 13th birthday has arrived and while he is making plans for a ‘normal’ party, his very strict and traditional grandparents turn up for a surprise.

Full Cast and Crew. However, Ramanga and Adze are plotting to get rid of the only person who might put a spoke in the wheel – Erin.

He then tells Ramanga that the vampires time was coming.